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Missoula City County Health Department COVID 19 Incident Commander Cindy Farr provided the most recent update on infection and hospitalization numbers in a YouTube video Friday afternoon, just after a big press conference dealing with the overall situation in Missoula.

“Yesterday, hospitalizations in Missoula broke the record for the highest we have seen during the pandemic, with 46 patients hospitalized, and today that number is even higher with 48 patients hospitalized for COVID,” Farr said. “The previous record occurred last November with 43 hospitalized patients. Just a reminder that when we report hospitalizations, these are people who are hospitalized in order to treat their COVID symptoms, not just people who test positive before having a procedure or other intervention. “

Farr also provided an update on the hospitalization.

“Earlier this week, Providence St. Patrick’s Hospital announced that its COVID-19 patients are sorting in their ambulance areas because they are running out of space to do so due to the high volume of patients showing symptoms of COVID. . ” she said. “Providence also says that these patients are largely unvaccinated and also younger, with the average patient being between 45 and 50 years old. Today they said they are seeing people in their 20s and 30s requiring hospitalization. To put that into perspective, last winter the average age of a hospitalized COVID patient was 80. “
Farr is also tied at the Community Medical Center.

“The Community Medical Center and Providence St. Patrick’s Hospital are begging the public to get vaccinated,” she said. “Other hospitals outside of Missoula County have plans to move to so-called ‘crisis care standards’ very quickly if they have to. These hospitals include Billings Clinic and Bozeman Deaconess. Crisis care standards essentially mean that hospitals must ration patient care and prioritize those patients who are most likely to survive, and in some cases provide only pain relief or comfort. ‘to those who are less likely to survive without invasive measures, such as ventilation.

To conclude her video presentation, Farr listed all the methods she hopes residents of Missoula will return to using to mitigate the spread of COVID 19.

“I guess the message we’re trying to get across is that we really need to get back to where we were in the spring of 2020 when we were ‘screaming’ for our healthcare workers to show them we’re supporting them,” she said. “We were limiting our social interactions to reduce the risk of infection. We were trying to flatten the curve to protect our health care resources. We need to get back to that mindset and do all we can as individuals and as a community to reduce this pressure on our health care and public health infrastructure. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands, keep your social circle small, and get vaccinated if you can. This is how we are going to prevent our hospitals from keeping up with what is happening in Idaho and having to ration care for their patients. “

Watch the You Tube presentation here.

See striking photos of the tourism industry during COVID-19

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Brendan Monaghan, Executive Vice President and Global Brand Head of PMG.

Tanya Amini, Vice President and General Manager

—Volume 1, “Evolution”, will be available nationwide from September 23, 2021—

At PMG, we are reinventing print media for the next generation with a brand that is uniquely a cosmopolitan blend of sophistication, wit and glamor.

– Brendan Monaghan, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Brands, Pantheon

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / – Grazia USA, the American version of the iconic Italian fashion bible Grazia from Mondadori Group, today announced the launch of its first edition print, titled “Evolution,” a 356-page issue that celebrates three women who were instrumental in orchestrating cultural and societal movements during a rare moment in history: Allyson Felix, Jordan Alexander and Alek Wek.

The issue, in three separate prints, will be published nationwide from September 23, 2021.

This historic start also marks a strategic shift in fashion publishing and the start of a new era for Grazia in the world’s largest and most important fashion market. In addition to the $ 14.99 issue on sale at select North American retailers including Barnes & Noble, the Grazia USA quarterly connects the next-generation luxury consumer to the vast array of wealthy and influential brands that support the launch of the title.

Grazia USA will reach 400,000 people who reside in the country’s top 15 markets and are responsible for 50% of the country’s wealth and luxury spending. This highly curated list represents an immediate community of Grazia USA loving fashion, art, culture, beauty, home, entertainment, design, travel, business, nightlife and more. wines and spirits.

Grazia USA is published under a license agreement with Pantheon Media Group, LLC (PMG).

“For this historic first print edition of Grazia USA, we want to embrace and celebrate America’s next evolution,” said Brendan Monaghan, executive vice president and director of global brands for PMG.

“We showcased the bold new facility that is already shaping the future of our country; and we spotlight the icons of fashion, entertainment, sport and those that will define the cultural and artistic landscape for years to come. Likewise, at PMG, we are reinventing print media for the next generation with a brand that is uniquely a cosmopolitan blend of sophistication, wit and glamor. Grazia may have been born in Italy, but she is a citizen of the world, Grazia USA being the 21st edition in the world.

Mr. Monaghan added, “The brand has tremendous global influence and impact and now meets the strongest luxury market in the world. We introduce this enigmatic and evocative title with an infusion of dynamism to serve what we have found to be an age group that has long been clamoring for someone – or something else – in the fashion market.

The American edition of Grazia, 83, of Mondadori made their digital debut in October 2020 with cover star Kim Kardashian West. Since then, Grazia USA has experienced unprecedented online growth, reaching a peak of 5.2 million monthly active users.

Statistics also show that 50% of Grazia USA’s current digital readers are under the age of 30; 73% identify as women; and over 90 percent of those users don’t read Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE or any other luxury fashion title, Monaghan added.

Since launch, PMG has undertaken comprehensive efforts to understand the audience for Grazia USA, tracking reader demographics and delivering a print edition that reflects these users’ demands for expert knowledge and premium journalism.

In addition, as advertisers have become concerned with transparency at all stages of campaigns, PMG’s first party data provides them with a guaranteed audience, ensuring that certain benchmarks in terms of demographic audience performance will be reached.

The first issue of Grazia USA features three female stars, each representing their own fashion, culture and generational influence in America. Nine-time Olympic medalist Allyson Felix will be joined by South Sudanese-British model and designer Alek Wek, hailed for his influence on the perception of beauty in the fashion industry, and singer-songwriter and Canadian actress, Jordan Alexander, an activist who fights for LGBTQ + rights as well as people of color.

In keeping with the luxury-inspired editorial content, Grazia USA also offers a curated list of premium designer advertisers; Tiffany, Dior, Vuitton, Loro Piana, Harry Winston and more.

The story of the cover stars began on social media, the Grazia USA website, and dedicated email newsletters, all to create a contemporary and unique platform.

“Our distribution model offers high-end brands a significant value proposition,” added Tanya Amini, vice president and general manager of Grazia USA.

“As industry competitors go out of print, see declining newsstand sales, outsource content creation to other markets, and experience a decline in their online presence and engagement, Grazia USA represents a bold and elite new offering. Grazia USA is voluminous and committed to excellence in all areas, guaranteeing it an exceptional residence time, a shelf life of several months and a high transmission rate.

Ms. Amini added, “We are excited about the opportunity that the print issue offers to like-minded brands as we offer a dual model of distribution in the marketplace, both offline and online.

In addition to Barnes & Noble stores nationwide, readers will be able to pick up a copy of Grazia USA at high-end retail outlets online at -usa-magazine, and strategic distribution partners in the United States and Canada. Users can also order copies online at

Grazia is the bible of Italian fashion, published by the Mondadori group. For 80 years, Grazia has been keeping pace with changing tastes season after season, style after style. At the pinnacle of quality and design, Grazia is the most accomplished ambassador of the “Made in Italy” brand and is a privileged advertising vehicle for design, fashion and beauty companies. Thanks to its experience, excellence and brand value, Grazia is the first Italian weekly magazine to extend its successful formula abroad with 21 editions worldwide in 23 countries, thus creating the most popular magazine network. market dynamics and the global platform

Pantheon Media Group (PMG) is a new generation independent media company bringing one of Europe’s most prestigious fashion magazines to the world’s largest fashion market. PMG is the exclusive publisher of Grazia USA, the latest franchise of the iconic fashion bible, first launched in Italy in 1938. Also focusing on beauty, culture, society, status, fame and luxury, Grazia USA publishes first digitally and later in print, with the release of its first of its 400-page quarterly magazines in 2021. Grazia USA does more than just inform and inspire an educated audience of influential readers: it looks like nothing the fashion industry in the United States has ever seen. We don’t serve the readers, we serve the users. PMG is a 360-degree media company that is ready for the future, expanding storytelling to virtual and augmented reality, video, TV, audio, e-commerce, live events, content brand, innovative advertising solutions and beyond. PMG is headquartered in New York.


Press service
Pantheon Media Group

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Israeli grandfather says he saved, not kidnapped, his grandson in Italy Fri, 17 Sep 2021 19:24:00 +0000 A cable car crashed after it collapsed in Stresa, near Lake Maggiore, Italy on May 23, 2021. ALPINE RESCUE SERVICE / Document via REUTERS

JERUSALEM, September 17 (Reuters) – The grandfather of a six-year-old boy, the sole survivor of an Italian cable car disaster, said he was looking after his grandson’s well-being by bringing him in Israel against the will of the boy’s family. in Italy.

Eitan Biran’s parents, younger brother and 11 others all died when a gondola collapsed in northern Italy in May. He is now at the center of a custody battle. Read more

The boy moved in with his paternal aunt, Aya Biran, in northern Italy after the accident. A week ago his maternal grandfather, Shmuel Peleg, picked him up for a planned family trip, but they never returned, according to the aunt.

Italian media said Peleg crossed the neighboring border with his grandson to Switzerland and flew on a private jet to Tel Aviv.

“What’s good for the boy outweighs my personal interests,” Peleg said in an interview with Israeli Channel 12 when the Italian authorities call his action a kidnapping.

“So I decided to save the boy and bring him to Israel,” Peleg said in the television interview broadcast on Friday. “I took a car, a KIA. I drove with Eitan. Passports were checked at the embassy in Switzerland. Approved. And we took off legally to Israel.”

The boy’s family in Italy have filed a petition in Tel Aviv family court for his return. Their Israeli lawyer said the court had set a hearing for September 29. He has to make a decision within six weeks.

A forensic source said prosecutors in the city of Pavia in northern Italy have opened a kidnapping investigation. The prosecution declined to comment.

Israel Police said they received a complaint that a minor was kidnapped and airlifted to Israel, and interviewed an unidentified 58-year-old man suspected of being involved.

When asked why he hadn’t waited for an Italian court to make a decision, Peleg said “I have to say that I have lost faith in the Italian judicial system”.

Peleg’s family, through a public relations firm, said in a statement earlier that the Italian consul in Israel had come to Peleg’s home to meet with Eitan.

“The consul’s message was that the foreign ministries were working to try to find a compromise between the families,” the statement said.

Magistrates are still investigating why the cable car, on a line connecting Stresa on the shores of Lake Maggiore to the nearby mountain of Mottarone, collapsed.

Reporting by Ari Rabinovitch and Lee Marzel Editing by Marguerita Choy

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Superintendent responds to viral bus incident: “Our students shouldn’t have to endure this kind of prejudice and racism” Fri, 17 Sep 2021 19:17:54 +0000


The Rock Island-Milan School District Superintendent responded to an incident between a bus driver and the Rock Island High School boys’ soccer team that went viral on social media.

“Some of the members of the football team were confronted by the driver of the charter bus who refused to let the players get on the bus because the players were wearing a Mexican flag to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day,” he said. Dr Reginald Lawrence II said in a statement sent to Local News 4. “The team members got off the bus and refused to get on again. Unfortunately, the issue could not be resolved in time for the football team to get to the game, and the game had to be rescheduled.

“Our students shouldn’t have to endure this kind of prejudice and racism,” Lawrence continued. “What happened was extremely disappointing and unacceptable, however our RIHS football team and the head coach behaved with respect and dignity.”

Tune into Local 4 News at 5 for expanded coverage of this story.

Here is his full statement:

Dear community of the school district of Rock Island-Milan,

On September 16, 2021, our Rock Island High School Boys Soccer team encountered an unfortunate situation with a charter bus company the school district had contracted with for transportation to an out of town soccer game. Some of the soccer team members were confronted by the charter bus driver who refused to let the players board the bus because the players were carrying a Mexican flag to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day. The team members got off the bus and refused to get on again. Unfortunately, the issue could not be resolved in time for the football team to get to the game, and the game had to be rescheduled. With everything that happened, our RIHS soccer team and head coach behaved with respect and dignity.

Our students should not have to endure this kind of prejudice and racism. What happened was extremely disappointing and unacceptable, however, our RIHS soccer team and the head coach behaved with respect and dignity.

The Rock Island-Milan School District is a school district of many countries and we are here to support our students. All the work (educational, social / emotional and extracurricular) that the Rock Island-Milan School District does revolves around Cultural Intelligence (CQ), which allows us to better understand cultures and helps us to work in a positive way. and compassionate with people of diverse cultures.

We hope that more discussions develop from this situation, as these conversations are more important than ever. We hope the Rock Island-Milan School District can lead with shared values ​​of justice, opportunity, community and equity. Racism is counterproductive to our values, and we must do everything in our power to end it.


Dr Reginald Lawrence II

Superintendent, Rock Island-Milan School District # 41

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Tours from European bases | Stars and stripes Fri, 17 Sep 2021 16:23:00 +0000

Kaiserslautern Outdoor Recreation is planning a trip Oct. 8-11 to watch an NFL game in London as the New York Jets take on the Atlanta Falcons. (iStock)

Base tours provide an easy way to see Europe with other members of the military community. Here is a sample of trips scheduled from September 17, 2021. Please update this information and add visits by emailing Marcus Klöckner at


TRAVELS AND TRAVELS: Call 06544-3884. Send an email to or visit


OUTDOOR LEISURE ANSBACH: September 25, Ansbach 10 km cross-country race, free of charge; November 9, Ansbach indoor soccer league 5v5, free of charge. DSN 467-3225 / CIV 09802-83-3225 or MWR Central DSN 467-1780 or CIV 09802-83-1780.

OUTDOOR LEISURE BAUMHOLDER: Until Nov-. 13, the German hunting course becomes virtual, $ 250; August 28, boat cruise on the Moselle, $ 69; September 4, Bavarian fairy-tale castles, $ 99; September 5, utv tour, $ 95 to $ 175; September 11, Rhine boat cruise, $ 69 DSN 485-7182 or CIV 06783-67182.

OUTDOOR LEISURE GRAFENWOEHR: Sept. 28, night rock climbing; October 14, Initiation to rock climbing, $ 20; October 23-24, pistol shooting competition weekend, $ 25; November 12, pre-season ski opening, $ 99 adults, $ 69 children 3 to 12, $ 15 children 3 and under. DSN (314) 475-8529 or CIV 09641-83-8529

OUTDOOR LEISURE KAISERSLAUTERN: September 26, Krakow and Auschwitz, $ 699 adults (single room), $ 529 adults (double room), $ 399 children aged 4 to 11; Sep 24-26, Garmisch, Edelweiss lodge, $ 479 adults (single room), $ 349 adults (double room), $ 229 children aged 3 to 19; October 8-11, NFL in London – Jets vs Falcons, $ 999 adults (single room), $ 799 adults (double room), $ 229 – $ 649; November 24-28, Thanksgiving in Iceland, $ 1,999 adults (single room), $ 1,699 adults (double room), $ 429 to $ 1,299 children. DSN 493-4117 or CIV 0631-34064117.

RTT TRAVEL RAMSTEIN: Call CIV 06371-463650 or visit RTT FLIGHT TOURS / RAMSTEIN: Call 06371-463650 or visit

SPANGDAHLEM INFORMATION, TICKETS AND TRAVEL: October 16, lamas trekking, 78 euros adults, 73 euros children from 3 to 12 years old; DSN 452-6567 or CIV 06565-61-6567.

OUTDOOR LEISURE IN STUTTGART: October 15, Swabian-American Biergarten, $ 40 regular tickets, $ 270 table tickets. DSN 431-2774 or CIV 0703-2774.

OUTDOOR LEISURE IN WIESBADEN: Until October 23, German American Forces Hunting Course, $ 250. DSN 337-5760 or CIV 06117-055760; email


USO ROME: Daily: 8 am, Rome, 36 euros adults, 28 euros 2-8 years; 9:30 am, Borghese Gallery, 45 euros adults, 35 euros children; 3 p.m. every day, Love and Death in Rome: 2,700 years of scandals, 40 euros adults, 33 euros 5-17 years; daily: 10 a.m., Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica, 65 euros adults, 46 euros 5-17 years old; 9:30 am every day, ancient city (Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill), 60 euros adults, 45 euros children 5-17 years old; 7 p.m. daily, Rome at Twilight, 29 euros adults, 23 euros 5-17 years old; 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. every day, Underground Rome, 46 euros adults, 38 euros 5-17 years old; 2 p.m. daily, catacombs, 45 euros; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Elite Arts and History walking tour, 35 euros adults, 28 euros 2-12 years; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Rome by Night with dinner and music, 75 euros adults, 60 euros 2-12 years; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, Jewish ghetto, Tiber Island and Trastevere, 35 euros adults, 28 euros 2-12 years; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Baroque Rome and Caravaggio, 35 euros adults, 28 euros 2-12 years; Mondays, Florence (semi-private walking tour), 52 euros adults, 39 euros 5-17 years; call CIV 06-397-27419 or visit ..


SCHINNEN: (+31) (0) 46-443-7561 or DSN 360-7561 or email


OUTDOOR LEISURE ROTA: October 2, canyon descent; October 9, Olvera, bike ride; October 16, paintball; October 23, El Pinsapar de Grazalema hike; DSN 727-3101 or CIV 095 682-3101 / 3208.

ROTA ITT: Sep 25, Seville, historical tour, prices to be announced locally; October 2, Cordoba, historical visit, prices to be announced locally; October 9, historical visit to Sanlucar de Barrameda, prices to be announced locally; October 16, Bodega, wine tasting and lunch; October 23, San Macros Castle in Puerto and lunch; October 30, Sanlucar, Andalusian horse show and lunch. DSN 727-3101 / 3208 or CIV 095682-3101 / 3208.

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Public schools can display the crucifix, Italian court rules – Catholic Philly Fri, 17 Sep 2021 14:24:14 +0000

ROME (CNS) – Italy’s highest court of appeal has ruled that classrooms in public schools can approve the presence of the crucifix because it does not discriminate against anyone.

The court, however, clarified that all religious symbols can also be “welcome” as long as this is decided in a democratic, civil and “gentle” way by students and faculty together.

This means, he says, that all decisions regarding their attendance should never be imposed and should seek “reasonable accommodation” between the different positions or beliefs of those in the school community, which includes respect for freedom of religion. of somebody; in essence, decisions cannot come from the “tyranny” of the majority or the veto of an individual.

Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation – the country’s court of last resort – released its 65-page brief explaining its ruling on September 9 in an appeal against the display of the crucifix in classrooms involving an Italian high school teacher whose claims were first dismissed in a lower court in 2013 and before an appeals court in 2014.

The full-time Italian literature teacher said his freedom of conscience had been violated and that he wanted the freedom to teach without the presence of a crucifix on the wall behind him.

According to court proceedings, the teacher would walk into the classroom, remove the crucifix from the wall for the duration of his lesson, and then hang it up when he had finished teaching.

The teacher also claimed he was discriminated against for not accepting the presence of the crucifix when the school principal suspended him without pay for 30 days. The suspension came about for not having followed a mandate issued by the principal ordering all teachers to respect the presence of the crucifix in the class in question because it was a decision approved by the majority of the students during the ‘an assembly.

The Supreme Court said it seized the appeal because it represented a question of “paramount and particular importance”, that is, what is the best way to “balance” a number. of freedoms and rights in a public classroom, especially in a secular country where Church and State are separate.

The case was also different from other previous but similar cases involving the presence of a crucifix because a group of students wanted it displayed, not government officials or school administrators, and the aggrieved party was not. not a student or a parent, but an employee of the school.

In its final decision, the court dismissed part of the teacher’s appeal, saying the presence of a crucifix in a classroom is not a “discriminatory act” against a person. without faith or of a different faith. The court cited the 2011 Grand Chamber decision of the European Court of Human Rights on Lautsi v. Italy, which determined that nations are free to regulate religious symbols as they see fit as long as state authorities do not seek to indoctrinate or violate basic rights. with their decisions.

The court also reiterated that the crucifix does not indoctrinate because it is a “passive symbol” in which there is no evidence that its presence has any influence on impressionable students, let alone on an adult teacher.

The Supreme Court noted that there is no real legislation that provides for or makes compulsory the presence of a crucifix in public schools and that it would be unconstitutional for any public “power” – official or entity – to do so. make mandatory.

What does exist is a series of decrees issued during the Italian fascist period in the 1920s, which includes the crucifix among a list of recommended school furniture and decorations.

The Supreme Court has said that such standards can always be interpreted in a way that does not run counter to the current constitution guaranteeing religious freedom by allowing the school community – not a government or public institution – decide which symbols are displayed. The state must be neutral towards different faiths, but it is legitimate that its people be allowed to express or practice their own beliefs, including atheism, in the public sphere and respect this right for all others. .

What is essential in this decision-making process, the tribunal said, is that it is an open, respectful and “good-humored” process of discussion and discernment that involves the entire school body and provides “reasonable accommodation” for all positions.

This is why the court determined that although the teacher was not discriminated against by the presence of the crucifix, the warrant and the sanctions issued by the principal were illegitimate as it was a warrant based on a majority vote that ignored all sides. – in particular that of the dissident teacher.

Freedom of religion and religion does not call for banning religious symbols in classrooms, he said, however, explaining that “public space cannot be occupied by a single religious faith, even if it is in the majority “.

At the same time, the crucifix is ​​part of Italy’s vast cultural heritage and part of its history and popular tradition, he added. As such, the cross and the passion of Christ also came to represent certain universal values ​​such as human dignity, peace, brotherhood and solidarity, for non-believers as well, he said.

The school community can and must come together and decide, “at the grassroots” and in complete autonomy of the influence of the State, the symbols it chooses to welcome and in a way that promotes fruitful and respectful coexistence. of people of different faiths and faiths, the court said.

State neutrality does not mean “denying or ignoring the contributions that religious values ​​can make to the growth of a society,” he said; it is open and inclusive to different cultures, religions and beliefs, without canceling them out, and it seeks to guarantee their equal place and dignity.

In fact, he says, any “request for the elimination of any element or representation that does not coincide with an individual’s personal religious belief is a request that suffers from rigidity.”

Public school must be “an open place that fosters inclusion and promotes the encounter between different religions and philosophical convictions, and where students can learn more about their beliefs and traditions and those of others,” he said. declared.

Allowing the display of different religious symbols in a classroom through civil dialogue and deliberation, he added, teaches everyone how vital and fundamental mutual respect is.

It teaches how a democratic society requires a constant and mutual ‘balancing’ of principles and rights to find concrete solutions so as to avoid falling into a ‘tyranny of the majority’, chaos and conflict of competing values ​​or the law. veto of one or a strong minority, he said.

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Britain plans to relax COVID-19 travel rules for England Fri, 17 Sep 2021 10:12:00 +0000
  • Announcement on relaxation of rules expected later Friday
  • Costly tests could be done away with for those vaccinated entirely
  • Destinations can be classified as high or low risk
  • Industry warns against relaxing rules
  • Travel shares increase from 4 to 5%

LONDON, Sept. 17 (Reuters) – The UK government will consider easing UK COVID-19 rules for international travel on Friday, a late-season boost for airlines, vacation and tourism businesses who say ‘They won’t survive another winter of onerous, red ribbon rules.

As Europe has eased travel restrictions for fully vaccinated people, costly COVID-19 testing requirements remain in place for fully vaccinated arrivals in Britain, preventing a resumption of travel as Europe approaches. the winter period more difficult.

But rule changes could be announced later on Friday, Agriculture Secretary George Eustice said, following indications from Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier in the week and amid reports that Turkey, popular sunny winter destination, may again be open to British travelers.

Travel shares surged on Friday. British Airways owner IAG (ICAG.L) was up 5%, TUI was up 4%, while Jet2 (JET2.L) was up 5% and On the Beach (OTB.L) was up 10%.

If the government does not remove costly testing and the so-called traffic light system that classifies destinations in green, amber and red, airports, airlines and travel agencies have warned that further losses of jobs would follow.

“There are hundreds of businesses that will not survive this winter unless changes are made,” TUI UK managing director Andrew Flintham told Sky News on Friday.

The travel industry, already on its knees after 18 months of restrictions, faces a cliff as the government’s leave program ends later this month and as winter approaches, as less than people travel and businesses tend to lose money.


According to reports, the government will remove the requirement for fully vaccinated travelers to take a lateral flow test before leaving their destination and an expensive PCR test upon their return to Britain, which can add hundreds of pounds per person to a trip.

The ministers will also simplify the destination categories into low or high risk, removing amber, the Times newspaper reported, many countries including Turkey are expected to be removed from the high risk red list.

Flintham said any new system would be better than the current setup.

“It will improve if we move away from the draconian measures that we are really using right now,” he said.

Data shows the UK recovery is lagging behind. Flights to the UK were down 39% from pre-pandemic levels for the two weeks through early September 6, while France, Spain and Italy were down between 24 and 28%, according to Eurocontrol.

On Britain’s red list there are currently 62 countries, a designation that requires 11 nights in a quarantine hotel at a cost of over £ 2,000. Quarantine hotels should remain in place for redlisted arrivals.

Any changes to travel rules will apply to England, but decentralized administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may later follow suit. More than 135,000 people in Britain have died in the pandemic.

($ 1 = 0.7247 pounds)

Reporting by Costas Pitas, Guy Faulconbridge and Sarah Young, editing by Angus MacSwan

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Learn which wines are truly Italian in these masterclasses Fri, 17 Sep 2021 08:51:43 +0000

A project, involving two masterclasses on Italian wine, has been launched by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom (ICCIUK) to highlight authentic Italian products.

The masterclasses, organized in collaboration with Gambero Rosso, will be titled “Italy in Brief” and will focus on the wines that have won the Tre Bicchieri Prize and that have been included in the “Italian Wine Bible” Vini d’Italia.

As part of what ICCIUK calls the ‘True Italian Taste’ project, the aim of the masterclasses is to raise awareness of authentic Italian wines while tackling the ‘Italian-sounding phenomenon’ – or rather products that ‘seem Or “sound” Italian, but are produced elsewhere.

Historically, ICCIUK has organized several events under the “True Italian Taste” banner such as food fairs, cooking classes and educational activities.

The one-hour masterclasses will take place on September 23 at Hackney Town Hall, during the Tre Bicchieri Tour, with the first starting at 12:30 p.m. and the second at 3 p.m.

During the masterclasses, participants will have the opportunity to browse and taste wines from 38 of the best Italian vineyards, brought to London by Gambero Rosso and the courses are aimed at people in the food and drink industry who wish to learn more about authentic Italian wine. . From restaurant and bar operators to deli owners and supermarket wine buyers. To register for the event, details are available on the Wineteca London website.

The “True Italian Taste” project is part of the “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” program and has been supported and funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. organizes its events in London with the aim of safeguarding and promoting real Italian products.

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Milan follow Liverpool’s lesson with trip to former rivals Juve Fri, 17 Sep 2021 03:40:28 +0000

Milan (AFP) – AC Milan jump from one massive game to the next on Sunday as they travel to fierce rivals Juventus, still reeling from defeat in their Champions League opener since 2014.

The seven-time European champions left Anfield with lessons to learn after spending the vast majority of their 3-2 loss to Liverpool on the back foot.

In the first 20 minutes Stefano Pioli’s side looked impressed with the opportunity and a full and thrilling stadium after playing their domestic matches on pitches maintained at 50% capacity, in line with Italian Covid-19 regulations .

And once leading 2-1 against the run of play at half-time thanks to goals from Ante Rebic and Brahim Diaz, they then collapsed under pressure from Liverpool after the break and could have lost more.

“The fact that we were in the game until the end is a sign of the level we have reached,” Pioli said after the game.

“We’re talking about a really high level and we’re not quite there, but we’ll use this game to grow and gain more experience.”

They have an immediate test at the Allianz Stadium in arguably the biggest Serie A game of the season yet, as Juve try to build on their 3-0 win at Malmö and land Milan’s perfect start for the championship campaign.

Massimiliano Allegri’s side were considered the pre-season favorites for the Scudetto, but Cristiano Ronaldo’s sudden departure and only one draw in three matches left them in disarray, eight points behind Milan, Napoli and leaders of the Roma league.

They will likely benefit from the absence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who said Thursday he was not sure whether he would recover from an Achilles tendon injury in time for the move west.

The Swedish star took the hit after scoring in an impressive 2-0 win over Lazio last weekend, his first game in more than four months, and missed the trip to England.

“I don’t want to risk consequences later, I want to maintain my fitness throughout the season so that I am always available,” Ibrahimovic said at a promotional event.

The champions Inter will have to recover from a punch from Real Madrid when they host Bologna on Saturday night.

Elsewhere promoted, Venezia will play its first Serie A home game in nearly two decades in the atmospheric Stadio Pier Luigi Penzo, an intriguing pitch located at the southeastern tip of the main archipelago of Venice.

Accessible by boat, the Penzo will host around 6,000 fans as Venezia looks to build on last weekend’s 2-1 win at Empoli with the visit of Spezia, who has had a rocky start to his second season in the elite and sit in the drop zone with a single point.

Along the way, Igor Tudor faces formidable opposition for his first game in charge of Verona – who have yet to collect a single point – following the dismissal of Eusebio Di Francesco, while Roma’s Jose Mourinho arrives in town.

Cagliari, who also sacked coach Leonardo Semplici just three matches in the season, heads to Lazio for Walter Mazzarri’s first game in a dugout.

Player to watch: Manuel Locatelli (Juventus)

Italian midfielder Locatelli has become a mainstay of Juve’s midfielder after being slowly introduced to the squad following his summer signing from Sassuolo.

Excellent for his country against Switzerland, Locatelli was a dominant presence in Sweden midweek and his battle with a rejuvenated Sandro Tonali in the Milan midfielder will be an interesting side story to an intriguing encounter.

Key statistics

1 – Juventus have only managed to draw one of their league games, losing the last two

3 – Roma, Napoli and Milan all had a perfect start to the season

Calendar (every hour GMT)


Sassuolo against Turin (1845)


Genoa against Fiorentina (1300), Inter Milan against Bologna (1600), Salernitana against Atalanta (1845)


Empoli against Sampdoria (1030), Venezia against Spezia (1300), Verona against Rome, Lazio against Cagliari (both in 1600), Juventus against AC Milan (1845)

On Monday

Udinese against Naples (1845)

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Italy will make the Covid-19 “Green Pass” compulsory for all workers Thu, 16 Sep 2021 20:31:00 +0000 The rule was decided at a cabinet meeting and aims to persuade more people to get vaccinated against Covid-19. It is due to come into effect on October 15.

“It’s to do these [work] safer places and make the vaccination campaign even stronger, “Speranza said. He called the decree a” strategy that makes the vaccine the fundamental key to opening a new season “.

About 75% of Italy’s population aged 12 and over has been fully vaccinated, according to government figures.

The move makes Italy – once the epicenter of Covid-19 on the continent – the first country in Europe to introduce such a brutal rule. Italy had already demanded that health workers be vaccinated.

Since August 6, a “certificazione verde”, or green pass, is required to enter cultural sites such as museums or galleries, places of entertainment and sports, theme parks, spas and for eat inside. This has been extended to include domestic flights, train travel between regions as well as sea travel on September 1.

The pass indicates that the holder has been vaccinated, tested negative in the past 48 hours, or has recovered from the virus in the past six months.

Speranza said Covid-19 tests will be easier to acquire, with more pharmacies able to perform antigen testing. However, he said testing will only be free for people medically exempt from getting the vaccine – meaning those who refuse to be vaccinated for other reasons will have to pay to be tested, ultimately paying to get their ” Green Pass ”to get to work.

The announcement comes amid fears of a potential increase in Covid-19 infections this winter.

Italy is currently in a state of emergency due to the pandemic. Although the country has emerged from a third wave lockdown, the number of cases is under investigation and individual regions could bring back restrictions at any time.

Italy has the second highest death toll in Europe (after the UK), according to the John Hopkins University data card, crossing the 100,000 death mark on March 8.

Italian regions are currently ranked based on their infection and hospitalization rates, ranging from white (lowest risk) to yellow and amber to red (highest risk).

Sarah Dean of CNN reported from London and Nicolo Ruotolo from Rome.

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