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Last December, W Hotels debuted in Italy. Part of the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio, W Rome is part of an exciting expansion of stylish properties, celebrating each guest’s desire to experience the destination through a lens that is distinctly “W”. Delivering dynamic and invigorating experiences to all customers who walk through their doors, the W brand is rapidly spreading its wings across Europe, including making its Algarve debut in Portugal this summer.

Housed in two adjoining 19th-century palaces, the W Rome is a luxurious 162-room hotel located in the city that “lives forever” as the Romans believed. Contemporary in its nature while tied to local touchpoints that embody the city’s heritage, the W Rome has a fun and thoughtful design rooted in the city’s history and culture. A juxtaposed mix of past and present, the city’s traditional architecture contrasts with a glamorous demeanor that is essentially ‘W’.


The city’s traditional architecture contrasts with a glamorous demeanor that is essentially “W”

This, for example, includes an eclectic mix of colorful leather furniture set against stone walls that echo the building’s age, while reflective surfaces add sparkle and excitement to the new Town Hall. . With each corner of the property revealing surprises along the way, discover a hidden bathroom door leading to a secret garden inspired by one of Borromini’s churches. Here are traditional Italian stone features with kissing benches, lush foliage, topiary, and water fountains.

The heart of the W Rome is its W Lounge. Featuring a skylight and a patterned glass window to allow the sun to saturate the space, my first impression of the hotel is that it’s a place where the past meets present, from the sculptures and art that surround the modern seating areas, to the beautiful hand-painted mural that wraps the walls during your check-in. Painted by Italian artist Costanza Alvarez de Castro, the mural is inspired by Roman gardens and tells the story of this captivating destination.

Meanwhile on its roof is the colorful terrace. Home to the ‘WET Deck’ with a refreshing pool surrounded by loungers and an alfresco bar, it’s a welcome space of tranquility in the center of town, with sweeping views of the peaks of the old buildings that have remained motionless for centuries.


Room W Rome
Romantic hotel offers an urban apartment feel among rooms

The romantic hotel offers an urban apartment feel among the rooms, many of which include private balconies and terraces and iconic views of the city. On one side of W Rome, this includes the magnificent local landmark of the Istituto Svizzero (the Swiss Institute) considered a gem of turn-of-the-century Roman architecture which our room gracefully overlooks.

Each room is centered around the brand’s signature W Bed, which every time I visit a new W hotel, I look forward to diving into. While wine red velvet curtains and herringbone wood floors offer a classic touch of sophistication with elegant marble bathrooms.

The hotel’s overall design concept is informed by Rome’s past, present and future. Bold blocks of color that line interior hallways and graphic prints that fuel the buildings’ unmistakable new W personality. This includes the WOW Presidential Suite with its large terrace. Here, private outdoor and indoor space, which is rare for the bustling city, can be enjoyed. This includes decor of historic Roman architectural elements fused with in-room technology and beautiful custom-designed furnishings.

Food and drink

Food W Rome
The W Rome takes inspiration from Sicily in its signature restaurant Giano

The W Rome takes inspiration from Sicily in its signature restaurant Giano. Woven with Roman culture (just like the hotel itself), Michelin-starred chef Ciccio Sultano has created a contemporary and imaginative interpretation, held back by tradition. With dishes built on Sicilian cooking methods, there’s a playful use of authentic Italian flavors and ingredients native to Sicily. Dining here will introduce you to an interesting Italian fusion of Sicilian cuisine with Roman culture. This includes all-day Italian-style meals with sharing plates and fresh homemade pasta.

At the center of the building is W Rome’s open-air courtyard, a serene space where we enjoyed breakfast each morning, sipping Italian coffee or a pre-dinner aperitif that warmed our taste buds in true style. Italian with Sicilian street-food specialties. Meanwhile, celebrity pastry chef Fabrizio Fiorani is the master behind Zucchero x Fabrizio Fiorani – a place to get your hands on all things sweet. This includes freshly baked pastries and carefully prepared homemade ice cream. Those who dine at Giano also receive coins for the candy machine that’s full of handmade chocolates — another surprise the hotel offers guests.

In a word

Square outside the W Rome
A fun new hotel that lets modern travelers enjoy Rome in style and comfort

The global W Hotel group injects its international energy into the ancient streets of Rome, bringing the ancient city back to the present day. With the W Lounge at its center which comes alive at night with live DJ sets and exceptional mixology; here’s a fun new hotel that lets modern travelers enjoy Rome in style and comfort.


Address: 26/36, Via Liguria, 00187 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
Call: +39 06 894121

]]> Aeroitalia goes bold and launches services from Bergamo Tue, 27 Sep 2022 00:05:55 +0000

The airline’s latest Italian startup has just announced the first network from its second base: Bergamo, an airport serving the Milan metropolitan area.

The flights will carry passengers between the northern city and Catania, Sicily, five times a week, and to Rome/Fiumicino with up to three flights a day. The routes will start on December 2 and November 14 respectively.

Map created with the Great Circle Mapper.

This upcoming move is a surprising step for the airline, which currently operates charter flights and a number of daily flights from Forlì in the Emilia-Romagna region with a fleet of three Boeing 737-800s.

While the Forlì base has seen a drastic reduction in schedules – in fact, it does not sell any tickets from there beyond October – the airline has hired a smaller plane to run most of this operation. . As of today, AirConnect’s first ATR from Romania started operating flights on behalf of Aeroitalia, according to, Romania’s largest aviation website.

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With this, Bergamo will remain, for now, Aeroitalia’s only base, and on two routes that will face fierce competition, each for a different reason.

The only airline to serve Milan and Rome, ITA Airways is operating around ten daily frequencies this month from its Rome/Fiumicino hub to Milan/Linate, according to Cirium’s Diio Mi application. But even that is a far cry from September 2012, when its predecessor Alitalia’s capacity between the two airports was more than double.

And that’s because at the time Alitalia also connected Fiumicino to Malpensa with about four daily frequencies; easyJet and Ryanair also took part in the connection; the British low-cost airline linked Fiumicino and Malpensa around four times a day, while the Irish airline linked Bergamo and Ciampino twice a day, with Fiumicino linking with Bergamo around five times a week.

The reason why one of Europe’s most important air links a decade ago is down more than 70% today is simple: high-speed rail. One of the most popular articles from when Alitalia shut down last year, coined by CNN, said it was what ‘killed Alitalia’, specifically citing the Milan-Rome city pair .

Five routes in Europe with a distance similar to a Bergamo-Fiumicino. Map created with the Great Circle Mapper.

However, Aeroitalia will try to combat this trend by providing a more convenient frequency; three daily flights to counter the single route – each – of the Frecciarossa and of Italian from Bergamo to Rome.

Now on the other route announced by the Italian startup, it also becomes tricky due to the competition that Aeroitalia will face.

Bergamo is Ryanair’s third largest base, after London/Stansted and Dublin only, and it is the largest base in Italy for the Irish group. Specifically, Bergamo-Catania is a route where the airline dominates. It is among its top 10 markets from Bergamo in terms of capacity, and it is the only player there, with three daily operations in each direction.

Ryanair is known to be very protective of its home markets, and it’s definitely very daring of Aeroitalia, small and definitely scaleless to be cost competitive, to go straight to an important route for its competitor, instead of trying to serve elsewhere.

While they tried to categorically avoid Ryanair in its first batch of routes from Forlì, the airline is now doing the exact opposite. Whether with the high-speed train or directly against the largest low-cost carrier on the continent, Aeroitalia has definitely given itself a hard time for its next challenge.

Live Updates: German Recession Fears Send Business Confidence to Low in 28 Months Mon, 26 Sep 2022 10:25:20 +0000

On Monday, we’ll look at the fallout from Italy’s rightward turn after the end of a dismal election campaign. The Financial Times started early with a great read on what a far-right administration means for the rest of Europe.

We also have elections in Latvia, Bulgaria, Kuwait and Bosnia and Herzegovina this week. But the big one will be Sunday with the first round of the Brazilian presidential election. The favorite in the race is former left-wing president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, but incumbent Jair Bolsonaro is far from out of the running. Tensions are high.

A smaller but still meaningful ballot takes place on Thursday, when the City of London Alderman will decide the next Lord Mayor. This largely ceremonial role will be essential in promoting the financial center of the United Kingdom, so it is important. Hopefully the poll won’t be as controversial as last year’s.

Elections aside, this is a strong week for space travel. On Monday, NASA will crash a spacecraft into an asteroid at 23,000 km/h in order to deflect its trajectory. The $300 million Dart mission, short for Double Asteroid Redirection Test, chose an asteroid called Dimorphos as its target because it orbits another asteroid rather than the sun.

The US space agency will be busy again the next day with the launch of Artemis I, the first in a series of increasingly complex missions aimed at establishing a permanent human base on the Moon.

If that wasn’t uplifting enough, the week will end with the return of the London Marathon, albeit six months later than its usual April slot to allow it to take place after the disruptions brought by the pandemic.


Still on the theme of the game, Lego (the name is derived from the Danish expression leg god, or “play well”) publishes its half-year results on Wednesday. The toymaker has guided analysts to expect sales to normalize after its pandemic boom, but expectations are high that sales will continue to outpace rivals in the industry.

For gas heads, Thursday is an exciting day because shares in Porsche will begin listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange following the long-awaited introduction of the luxury car brand.

It’s a darker week for lovers of the big screen. Cinema chain in difficulty cineworld will publish its half-year results on Friday. Although the group is expected to post a profit, unlike last year’s loss, the focus will be on its latest cash position and net debt level after the company filed for bankruptcy protection. United States earlier this month.

Economic data

It will be a week to find out how the economies are performing and how the public expects them to perform with gross domestic product figures from the US, Canada and the UK as well as several surveys on the consumer confidence.

We’ll also get a glimpse of Europe’s battle to calm inflation with the release of the Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index for Germany, France and Italy. .

Read the full schedule for the week ahead here.

From city sanctuaries to desert retreats, these are the best luxury hotel spas for every type of traveler Sun, 25 Sep 2022 21:01:28 +0000

The smell of lemongrass, the sound of cascading water and the feel of a fluffy bathrobe evoke instant warm fluff. For travelers stepping off a long-haul flight or simply in the mood for some rest and relaxation, a spa session is the antidote to whatever ails you.

With health and wellness at the forefront of everyone’s mind in recent years, wellness travel has seen a massive increase. This year, experts expect the industry to raise $817 billion – which is expected to reach $2.3 trillion by 2025, according to a report by the Global Wellness Institute.

Fancy an intravenous drip to cure a hangover or a massage from an intuitive blind healer? With demand peaking, hotel spas around the world are stepping up their treatment options, vying to provide guests with unique and holistic experiences. Whether you’re heading to the lush jungles of Bali or the majestic mountains of Bhutan, here are our spa picks for every type of traveler.

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Best Jungle Spa: Mandapa, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve


Bali has become a respite for those seeking a dose of spirituality or looking to perfect their down dog (thanks, Julia Roberts). In the heart of the island, next to the cascading rice terraces of Ubud and the gentle flow of the Ayung River, is the Mandapa Spa. Lined with palm trees, jungle ferns and the sounds of the rainforest, this spa is a place where a Balinese healer can take care of all your aches and pains. From a massage by intuitive blind healer Ibu Ketut Murs to a Beras Kencur, a traditional Balinese rice exfoliation, this spa embraces the tranquility and ingredients of its jungle backdrop.

How to book: Cash rates start at $823 per night or 80,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points per night.

Best Overwater Spa: St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort


Designed to look like a spiny sea creature seen from a seaplane, the Iridium Spa at St. Regis Maldives features free-standing treatment rooms suspended above turquoise water. Imagine a rainbow-colored parrotfish swimming into view as a pair of hands work out that bend in your left shoulder. Along with a menu of massages, facials, wraps and acupuncture, the spa’s dedicated Ayurvedic specialist will keep your chakras aligned and provide complete satisfaction. Before or after your session, take a dip in the spa’s Instagram-famous hydrotherapy infinity pool, the largest in the Maldives.

How to book: Cash rates start at around $1,372 per night or 96,000 Marriott Bonvoy points.

Best Spa in the Desert: Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa


Emphasis is placed on the spa moniker of this Hyatt desert wellness retreat. Surrounded by arid mountain landscapes and leafy palms, Miraval appears like a mirage in the Arizona desert. Located just outside of Tucson, it’s where tech-obsessed professionals come for a digital detox designed to reprogram and recharge, so it’s no surprise that its spa facilities and services are extensive. From a Deep Desert massage to a rejuvenating desert sage body treatment, you’ll leave the desert feeling anything but dusty.

How to book: Rates start at $629, including full board, select on-site activities, $175 resort credit per night per person, and shared airport shuttle. World of Hyatt members can book reward nights between 40,000 and 50,000 points per night for single occupancy and between 57,000 and 72,000 points per night for double occupancy.

Best spa in town: Aman Venice


Venice’s iconic Grand Canal is one of Europe’s most spectacular sights and home to incredible hotels. One of them, Aman Venice, is a romantic rococo work of art of disconcerting and extraordinary beauty. There, a laid-back, understated spa with Asian inspiration and Italian charm is tucked away on the third floor. Using salt, clay and water from Italy’s famous spa town, Salsomaggiore Terme, therapists perform a variety of treatments like the Tempio della Salute thermal mud wrap and Aman Venice foot treatments. . It’s the perfect way to end a 20,000+ step day spent exploring the world’s most famous sinking city.

How to book: Cash rates can be found from $950 a night, but easily reach over $1,100 and beyond during peak seasons.

Best mountain spa: Six Senses Paro


The peaks of the Himalayan mountains are not far from this Six Senses Paro, where harmony and balance are the key to life. At the resort’s spa, singing bowls and crystals are incorporated at the start of each session. A few standout treatments include the Bhutan Herbal Body Scrub and Memories of Bhutan Ritual, beginning in the spa’s private meditation room and ending on a plush massage table.

How to book: Cash rates at Six Senses Paro start at $1,450 for double occupancy. Unfortunately, IHG One rewards cannot be used to book here.

Best Spa for Fitness: Equinox Hotel Spa


Since its inception in the 90s, Equinox and fitness have become synonymous. At his premier hotel in New York’s Hudson Yards, you can combine a world-class workout with a spa session. Cool off in the cryotherapy chamber or sculpt your body even more with a silhouette shaper from Biologique Recherche. These high-tech treatment options include wellness intravenous drops designed to reduce inflammation and maximize hydration. This fitness spa is designed to make you look as good as you feel.

How to book: Cash rates start at $995.

Best Cultural Body Treatments: Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti


To this remote A Four Seasons property in Tanzania, giraffes and elephants have been known to roam past the midpoint of treatment. The open-air Kani Spa incorporates ancient rituals and ingredients like baobab seeds and heated Rungu, a wooden stick used by Masaai warriors, into its sessions. Each treatment is linked to the savannah, such as Ubuntu, which means “I am, because you are” in Zulu. This four-handed massage includes native plant oils harvested from nearby rural communities.

How to book: Rates start around $1,800 including full board and a daily game drive.

Best for Families: Greater Wailea Maui


Hawaii isn’t just for honeymooners – it’s a family vacation paradise. To This Waldorf Astoria, Mōhalu by Spa Grande property welcomes couples and families. The Malama Family Duo massage allows a parent and their teen to choose a 50-minute massage, including a Hawaiian Lomilomi or a Swedish one. For children ages 6-17 there is a chocolate coconut massage, a facial designed to fight acne and the Chocola Tsunami, a chocolate massage followed by a manicure for you immerse yourself in the “Aloha spirit”.

How to book: Cash rates start at around $1,000 a night, but are often more expensive. Hilton Honors members can redeem 110,000 points per night for a stay.


Pope urges Italians to have more children and welcome migrants Sun, 25 Sep 2022 09:29:58 +0000

MATERA, Italy (AP) — Pope Francis traveled to southern Italy on Sunday to close an Italian church congress that coincided with Italy’s national elections and delivered a message that touched on key issues national campaign, including immigration.

Neither Francis nor his hosts made any reference to the vote at the open-air mass, although the Italian episcopal conference has previously urged Italians to vote in the closely watched election that could give Italy its first government. far-right since World War II.

At the end of the outdoor mass in Matera, Francis took the floor to ask Italians to have more children. “I would like to ask Italy: more births, more children,” Francis said.

Italy has one of the lowest birth rates in the world and Francis has often lamented its “demographic winter”.

Far-right leader Giorgia Meloni, who campaigned on a “God, family and homeland” mantra, also called on Italy to reverse its demographic trends by offering greater financial incentives for couples to have children.

Francis also weighed in on a perennial issue in Italy, recalling that Sunday coincides with the Catholic Church’s World Day for Migrants and Refugees. Francis called for a future in which “God’s plan” is implemented, with migrants and victims of human trafficking living in peace and dignity, and for a “more inclusive and fraternal future”.

He added: “Immigrants must be welcomed, accompanied, promoted and integrated”.

Meloni and his center-right alliance have vowed to resume a tough crackdown on migrants coming to Italy via Libya-based smugglers. The centre-left Democratic Party has notably called for easier access to citizenship for the children of newcomers.

The mass was celebrated by a protege of Francis, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, who is the head of the Italian episcopal conference and has a long affiliation with the Sant’Egidio community, a Rome-based charity known for its work with the migrants and the poor.

Francis, 85, appeared tired on the visit, which was scheduled before Italy’s snap election was called and came a day after he took a day trip to the city of Assisi, atop an Umbrian hill. Francis is using a cane and a wheelchair this year, due to strained knee ligaments that make walking and standing difficult.

His trip to Matera, the town in southern Basilicata known for its cave dwellings, suffered a slight last-minute change due to storms that blanketed much of the Italian peninsula overnight: Originally scheduled to fly by helicopter Sunday morning from the Vatican heliport, Francis instead flew to Matera by jet from Rome Ciampino airport.

Travel: A grand tour of Italy and Switzerland in the footsteps of Lord Byron Sat, 24 Sep 2022 11:44:04 +0000 So there I was, starved to travel during two terrible years of the pandemic and desperate to see the world again. I had only traveled to Britain during the Great Plague, and even then with caution.

This year I wanted freedom and a summer of adventure. I didn’t just want to sit by a pool in the Mediterranean, relax with cocktails and books – I really wanted to see the world and, above all, do my bit for the Scottish economy too if I could.

So I found the perfect solution: a grand tour around the Italian lakes and the Swiss Alps – à la Lord Byron – with a local tailor-made tour operator.

Edinburgh company Rabbie’s arranged a six day getaway for me, with personal driver and guide – and I had perhaps the best holiday of my life. The tour started from Milan, so we built a weekend in this beautiful and cool Renaissance city on either side of our vacation.

My wife and I were in the safe and charming hands of Christina, our guide, and Giancarlo, our driver.

Both were knowledgeable, good company and – most importantly – there to make sure a rather complex trip through Europe’s most beautiful scenery went smoothly. Planning? Not for me. It was their job. I just had to have fun.

The first day we headed to Lake Como. If you haven’t seen the Italian lakes, they are breathtaking, framed by mountains and with water as clear as the sky is blue. We had lunch in the quaint little town of Lenno, then headed to Lugano and took the mountainside funicular to admire the frescoes in the Church of Santa Maria degli Angioli. The night was spent in the Swiss town of Locarno at the tip of Lake Maggiore.

The hotel was a gem – family owned, filled with unique local art and smart appliances, and with a staff that would do just about anything for you.

We had some of the best meals on the tour here – ossobuco with the local polenta, as we were in the Italian part of Switzerland, and gnocchi with wild boar.

Half the fun of Switzerland is that you’ll find yourself in the French part one day, and German or Italian the next. So if you have a few languages ​​and like to try them out, it’s a delight for a visiting linguist.

Second day and we are in Stresa. If you have been to Nice, you will immediately feel at home. This is the Riviera at its best. The highlight here was a boat trip to Isola Bella – a small island in the bay filled with its own medieval castle and elegant topiary gardens.

Watch out for the spooky puppets in the basement of the castle if you go – for fans of the weird, they’re not to be missed. For lunch, try a picnic in the beautiful gardens of nearby Varese, home of playwright Dario Fo.

By the way, this tour was almost designed for lovers of literature, because almost every city on the route is connected with an outstanding writer.

On the morning of the third day we headed for the Alps, across the Simplon Pass – a wild and rugged part of the world, where Napoleon marched his Grande Armée into Italy, as you will notice from the statue of his eagle imperial still perched on the rocks. It has been a key stop for European travelers since the Stone Age.

We jumped out of our coach and took the train to car-free Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn on a perfect summer afternoon.

If a Hollywood producer demanded a postcard Swiss village, then Zermatt is what the set designer would create. Be careful if you fancy an ice cream to cool off as it will come with a double glass of schnapps poured over the top, so I got a little sleepy on the trip to Lausanne.

We spent two nights in this elegant town on the shores of Lake Geneva in a rather swanky hotel which served the best Negronis I had had since Milan.

Day four probably stood out for me as the highlight of the trip. After a short visit to the artisans who make the famous cheese, we went to Gruyères, where the air smelled of thyme and lavender.

This town was even prettier, even more picturesque than Zermatt. For fans of the weird, take a trip to the nearby HR Giger Museum, dedicated to Hieronymus Bosch, most famous for designing the space monster in Ridley Scott’s Alien. Be warned – it’s really for adults only, though.

Lunch that day was in glamorous Gstaad – the home of the jet set. We went to the complete Swiss: rösti potatoes with ham, fried eggs and cheese, then raclette cheese, followed by cheese fondue (Switzerland is really for cheese lovers) and lots of wine. Swiss whites are a revelation. We have to start importing.

Later we explored Chillon Castle near Montreux. I reached full literary nerd mode when I found Lord Byron’s signature carved into the walls of the dungeon. The castle inspired one of his most famous poems, the Prisoner of Chillon.

The fifth day was a hymn to nature. We traveled to the towns of Lauterbrunnen and Mürren at the top of Europe – where the Eiger touches the sky – and had lunch with a view of the glaciers in front of us and paragliders suspended in the sky hundreds of meters below our feet.

What we saw here was so beautiful that fellow travelers actually wept at the majesty of the mountains. I wasn’t too far behind, if I’m honest. If I could, I would live here forever.

We spent the night in Interlaken – a city literally between two lakes, nestled in the mountains.

Head to the old town here and try some great traditional Swiss cuisine as the milky rivers flow past your restaurant terrace, filled with the rich silt of meltwater from the glaciers.

Finally, we traveled to William Tell country and the town of Aldorf – don’t miss the local cakes – and through the rolling beauty of the Unesco Biosphere in Entlebuch, before a farewell evening in the pretty Bellinzona.

Then back to Milan for some downtime before our return journey. The adventure may be over but the magic remains.

travel facts

RABBIE’S Travel started as a sole proprietorship in 1993 owned and run by Robin Worsnop who took adventurers across Scotland. Today the company is full of awards, has a fleet of nearly 100 luxury touring coaches and operates across Britain and Ireland, as well as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and in Switzerland.

This summer alone, Piper, the biggest investor specializing in consumer brands, pumped £7m into Rabbie’s because it is a market leader in off-the-beaten-track channels.

Tours can accommodate up to 16 people, but on our trip there were only seven, plus the guide and driver. Everyone had plenty of space and privacy. Make friends if you want or stay alone. It’s yours.

Importantly, in these turbulent times for the travel industry, tours will still depart even if only one person books – so you’re guaranteed an unmissable adventure. Find them here:

]]> Food, health and restaurants: compare the cost of living around the world with this tool Sat, 24 Sep 2022 05:02:47 +0000

Moving abroad is exciting in many ways, but it also requires a lot of research – from where you will live to how you will get there and the language you will need to learn.

The cost of living is a major decision when choosing your new home – especially in today’s economic climate. This is especially important for those hoping to lower their bills by living somewhere less expensive.

So how do you calculate what your groceries or rent will cost you for the month?

Numbeo, a participatory online tool, could be the answer. The Serbia-based website gathers information from users around the world on the price of everyday shopping.

“Anyone can add the data, like Wikipedia,” Numbeo CEO Mladen Adamovic told Euronews Travel.

What does Numbeo data reveal about different countries?

Numbeo is a cost of living index that contains data for most cities around the world. Data is presented using color-coded pins on a map. But you can also directly compare your current city of residence with where you hope to to move to and it shows you the prices side by side.

Comparing Lyon, France to London, for example, reveals that rental and restaurant prices are higher in the British capital. Food prices, however, are actually around 20% lower in London.

Comparisons also include a list of specific everyday items like a liter of milk, a kilogram of apples, or even a pack of cigarettes. For those looking to stay long term, there are prices per square meter for buying apartments inside and outside the city center.

If you’re not looking for specifics, Numbeo’s data provides an overall figure that appears in Londonto maintain the same lifestyle you had in Lyonsyou would need €1,756.79 more per month.

Users can also add data on factors that affect quality of life, such as traffic, safety, and health care.

How does Numbeo keep its data up to date?

Adamovic, CEO of Numbeo, explains that the tool uses adaptive archiving technology to ensure information is up to date. An essential feature in the face of today’s ever-fluctuating prices.

“This means that if there are, for example, more than 120 people who contribute a certain prize to Munich in the last three months, we archive entries older than three months.”

The more entries they get, the better they can report on the evolution of inflation costs.

“Our main target is people who are thinking of moving from one country to another so that they can estimate whether this move would be profitable,” explains Adamovic.

“This includes people who want to move to cheaper countries, the website helps them choose a new location.”

Cost of living comparisons could be especially useful for digital nomads

The online tool is particularly useful for those who only want to spend a few months abroad – like digital nomadssaid Adamovic.

“Numbeo is frequently visited by digital nomads,” he explains, “I guess since many stay a few months in a certain country, they check prices before leaving.”

He says Numbeo is the most popular website by internet traffic for people checking prices in other cities and countries.

Italy: Where is the cheapest accommodation?

Many dream of moving to Italy, either to retire or earlier in life. with the country launch of a digital nomad visait might be easier to live and work from Italy.

Examination of costs in the country yields interesting results. Comparing the capital Rome to, say, life in Naples, we see that the south is cheaper on all fronts – especially rental costs which are 44% lower.

Further south, in Palermo, rental prices in Sicily are even cheaper with almost 58% less than in Rome.

But Numbeo can be used to compare the cost of living anywhere in the world, not just in Europe. Those looking to take advantage of digital nomad visas further afield Bali, Indonesia for example will find that perhaps unsurprisingly, the prices are significantly lower.

Compared to Paris, the amount you can expect to pay for a meal in a cheap restaurant could be almost 90% lower on average in Bali. If you are looking for a bottle of red wine, expect it to be more than 100% more expensive than in France.

It’s this level of specificity that makes the cost of living tool appealing to those looking to understand the realities of becoming a digital nomad or expat.

Where was ‘The White Lotus’ season 2 filmed? Fri, 23 Sep 2022 21:54:30 +0000

This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

It’s official: HBO’s highly anticipated second season The White Lotus will be premiere October 30. Similar to the first season, the comedy-drama series follows the exploits of various resort guests and employees over a week-long period. The seven-episode season features Jennifer Coolidge reprising her role from season one with new cast members including Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, and more. Set in Sicily, Italy, there is no doubt that the landscapes and locations of the show will be picturesque. As you prepare to indulge in the second installment, we’ve pinpointed the most notable filming locations, many of which can be visited. Start planning your trip now!

Palace of the Four Seasons San Domenico

Employees of The White Lotus Sicily welcome visitors.

Fabio Lovino / HBO

Since the first season took place at the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea, the second naturally takes place at another Four Seasons hotel. The place chosen: Palace of the Four Seasons San Domenico in Taormina, a town on the east coast of Sicily, Variety reports. The resort looks just amazing. Located on a rocky promontory above the Ionian Sea, the hotel offers panoramic views of Mount Etna and the ancient Greek theatre, the Teatro Antico di Taormina. Amenities range from a clifftop infinity pool to an award-winning restaurant. Chances are high that once you visit, you’ll never want to leave.


overview for Dream Rentals

ionian sea

The set photos released by HBO clearly show that not only is the series filming near the Ionian Sea, but it looks like some of the characters will be spending their time on yachts actually in the body of water. Boats seem to be the ideal mode of transport for day trips in Italy and the setting for the inevitable drama that will ensue between guests and resort employees.

group of people on a boat in italy

Visitors to the station The White Lotus cheers drinks in season two.

Fabio Lovino / HBO

Studio Lumina

While most of the second season was filmed at the Four Seasons as well as in and around Sicily, Deadline reports that the series has wrapped filming at Lumina Studios, north of Rome. The studios do not offer tours, but you can browse the company website and use it as an excuse to make Rome a stop on your Italian getaway.


st nicholas cathedral

The Cathedral of Noto in Sicily, Italy.

Tibor Bognar//Getty Images

Known for its Baroque architecture, this town in southeastern Sicily will make a serial appearance during one stop on a day trip. Although we don’t know the exact location in Noto, the show was filmed in a plaza and villa in the hills south of the city, Vulture reports.


Another location featured in the series is Palermo, which is the capital of Sicily. Throughout the city you will find cathedrals, opera houses and theaters as well as some of the best street food and antique markets. Basically, it is full of history and lots of leisure activities.

Do you like looking at filming locations for inspiration on the trip? U.S. too. Let’s obsess over them together.

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Your roaming charges will be capped in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein from next year, but not in Spain or Italy – for now Fri, 23 Sep 2022 13:17:13 +0000

et-setting Britons are set to start reaping some of the benefits of Brexit from early next year, as UK officials have just announced they have signed a deal with Norway and Iceland to cap mobile roaming charges for those traveling there.

The latest announcement doesn’t necessarily completely remove roaming charges. It only caps them and the details have yet to be defined by the telecom operators in each country.

The deal is part of a wider free trade agreement signed last year with Norway and Iceland (plus smaller Liechtenstein), as part of the government’s “Global Britain” policy, aimed at making of the United Kingdom an important player on the world stage.

The news could be welcomed by some of the 124,000 British travelers who visited Norway and Iceland in 2021, and by those who may be planning a trip to catch a glimpse of the legendary Northern Lights, among other northern attractions.

It’s also worth noting that Norway and Iceland are among the two most expensive countries to visit in Europe, with travelers reporting that a pint of beer hovers around £8 in both countries. Once instituted, the cap might help soften the blow of the trip there, if only a little.

The 5.08 million people who visited Spain and Italy in 2021, on the other hand, are likely to remain disappointed, as companies like Three charge £2 a day for roaming in the EU.

Indeed, in July and August this year British holidaymakers were drained of almost £80million as they headed to Europe, according to Virgin Media O2, which is the only major toll-free operator. roaming in the EU.

Readers with a good memory may recall that roaming charges did not exist at all from 2017 until January 2020 when the UK officially left the EU. That’s when it was left to individual operators to decide whether or not to bring the fee back.

Meanwhile, the EU recently decided to ban roaming charges in its countries for another decade.

Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud guide Didier Deschamps’ side to Nations League victory Thu, 22 Sep 2022 20:39:09 +0000

France 2-0 Austria: Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud lift Didier Deschamps’ side from the bottom of their Nations League group as the Blues put off-pitch problems behind them

  • France sealed a 2-0 win over Austria in the Nations League on Thursday night
  • Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud both scored in the second half of the game
  • Didier Deschamps’ side moved into third place in Group 1 with five points
  • The Blues went into the game without a win in the Nations League campaign this season

France kept their hopes of staying in the Nations League top flight alive as goals from Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud secured a 2-0 win at home to Austria on Thursday.

PSG striker Mbappe opened the scoring with another stunning goal before AC Milan star Giroud, who again showed coach Didier Deschamps that he is more than a third-choice striker, seals the victory of the world champions with a head.

France, who travel to Denmark on Sunday, moved into third place in Group 1 with five points from as many games.

France sealed a 2-0 win over Austria in the Nations League in Paris on Thursday night

Kylian Mbappe opened the scoring in the 55th minute with a superb right-footed effort

Kylian Mbappe opened the scoring in the 55th minute with a superb right-footed effort

Olivier Giroud doubled the Blues’ lead with a header into the top left corner against Austria

The victory comes at a price, however, as defender Jules Kounde and goalkeeper Mike Maignan have been injured and could join Karim Benzema, Hugo Lloris and Paul Pogba on the sidelines.

The hosts, who had lost two and drawn two of their previous four games, came out looking great at the Stade de France.

Mbappe fired into the top corner in the second minute but the effort was disallowed for offside.

Victory comes at a price, as Jules Kounde (pictured) and Mike Maignan were injured

Victory comes at a price, as Jules Kounde (pictured) and Mike Maignan were injured

Aurelien Tchouameni’s attempt just outside the box after a quick combination between Antoine Griezmann and Mbappe was knocked down by Austrian goalkeeper Patrick Pentz as the Blues put on the pressure.

Defender Kounde became the latest victim of an injury-ravaged side when he limped off the pitch with a muscle problem and Maignan was substituted for Alphonse Areola at half-time with calf pain .

Mbappe, denied by Pentz after a one-two with Giroud, tormented the Austrian defense with his pace and created space for his teammates, Jonathan Clauss narrowly missing a goal early in the second half.

PSG striker Mbappe celebrates his goal as he helps France end a run without a win in the Nations League

PSG striker Mbappe celebrates his goal as he helps France end a run without a win in the Nations League

Mbappe broke the deadlock with a cool finish after beating five defenders following a perfect pass from Giroud.

This pushed Austria into action but they lacked precision in the box and it was France who scored again.

Giroud found the back of the net in the 65th minute on an accurate cross from Griezmann for his 49th international goal, two short of Thierry Henry’s national record.

The AC Milan striker was replaced by Ousmane Dembele to a standing ovation from the Stade de France crowd, leaving Deschamps, who only called Giroud up in the absence of Benzema, with a tricky decision ahead of the Cup November world.

Giroud scored his 49th international goal, now two steps away from Thierry Henry's national record

Giroud scored his 49th international goal, now two steps away from Thierry Henry’s national record

Croatia top the group after a 2-1 win over Denmark, who would have secured top spot themselves had they won in Zagreb.

Defender Borna Sosa put the hosts ahead with his first international goal. Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen equalized with a sensational long-range strike, but two minutes later Lovro Majer scored the winner from outside the box.

Croatia need only beat Austria on Sunday to qualify for next year’s final and secure a place in the Euro 2024 play-offs.