Italy’s covid Green Pass rules change February 1

News in Italy: The Italian government is updating covid Green Pass restrictions with new rules in place.

Italian rules regarding the Green Pass – the digital certificate proving the holder has been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from covid-19 – are changing as of Tuesday, February 1.

The Italian government currently operates a two-tier green pass system, with the ‘basic’ version of the pass available by testing negative for covid, alongside the ‘enhanced’ or ‘Super’ version which can only be obtained by those who are vaccinated or have recovered from covid-19.

Where do I need the Green Pass from February 1?

As of today, February 1, the Green Pass is compulsory to enter public offices, banks, post offices, tobacconists, bookstores, newsagents (except outdoor kiosks) and shopping centers , as well as hairdressers, barbers and beauticians.

Great green pass

These new rules are in addition to the requirement for the Super Green Pass on public transport, in bars and restaurants (indoors and outdoors), gymnasiums, hotels, cinemas, theaters and sports stadiums.

Unvaccinated people in Italy are still allowed to access food stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations. Neither version of the Green Pass applies to children under 12.

Duration of the Green Pass

Also from February 1, the validity of the Super Green Pass for those who have received at least two doses of the covid vaccine is reduced from nine to six months.

However the government is considering the possibility of extending the validity of the pass indefinitely for those who have had the third “booster” dose, with news expected on this front in the coming days.

Masks outside

The outdoor mask mandate, which was due to expire on January 31, has been extended by 10 days and will remain in effect until February 10, the ANSA news agency reported on Monday.

Likewise, the closure of Italian nightclubs, discos and dance halls has been extended until February 10, as well as concerts and outdoor parties.

Journey to Italie

Additionally, Italy will ease travel rules for EU visitors from February 1, scrapping the government’s controversial requirement for a covid test before departure, even for those who have been vaccinated. To date, all that is required for EU travelers to Italy is a valid Green Pass.

Covid vaccine mandate for the over 50s

Also on February 1, the government is introducing a €100 fine for all Italians and foreigners over the age of 50 residing in Italy who have not been vaccinated against covid-19, under the government’s controversial mandate for vaccines for the over 50s.

From February 15, all public and private workers in Italy over the age of 50 will only be able to access their workplace with a Super Green Pass, while the basic mandate of the existing Green Pass remains in force for workers under 50.

For official information on the covid-19 situation in Italy, see the ministry of health website. Photo credit: Gennaro Leonardi Photos /

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