why traveling by train has never been so exciting

20. A Night on the Caledonian Sleeper

By Shelley Rubenstein

Short on time ? Take the Caledonian Sleeper from London Euston to Glasgow Central, departing from the former at 23:50 and dropping you off in Scotland’s second city at 07:22 the next morning. Private Club rooms are equipped with a sink, power outlets, USB portals, reading light, dimmer, eye mask, ear plugs and a small bag with toiletries, as well as a bathroom (in which the toilet seat folds down to create a wet room), which means you’ll be rested enough for lunch at Cail Bruich (cailbruich.co.uk ), the first Scottish restaurant to receive a Michelin star in 18 years, and that you’ll still have several hours to explore the city before heading home. on the return service that evening.

To book: The Caledonian Sleeper runs every night (except Saturdays) between London and Scotland. Prices for Comfort Seats start at £45, Classic Rooms at £140 for Solos or £170 for Shared Rooms, Club Rooms at £205 for Solos and £250 for Shared Doubles and Caledonian at £335 for Doubles. solos and £400 for splits (Scottish lit).

Answers to your questions

How safe are trains during the pandemic?

All railways have worked hard to reassure passengers by increasing cleaning regimes, installing hand sanitizers and using long-lasting antimicrobial sanitizing products.

And the vaccination?

Proof of vaccination is mandatory on trains in some countries (eg Canada). In Italy, a “Green Pass” QR code, issued to fully vaccinated people, is compulsory to board trains, metros, trams and buses. In France, a vaccine pass and a QR code are required for long-distance trains. Other railroads, such as Amtrak, have mandated staff vaccinations.

Should I wear a mask?

Masks are currently mandatory in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United States. In Germany and Italy you must wear an FFP2 mask.

Can I change my ticket free of charge?

Terms vary by tour operator, country and ticket type, but many companies have waived change fees or relaxed the usual stipulations. Bookings through tour operators are probably safer and easier to change than tickets purchased directly from train operators. Check the coverage offered by your insurance.

Will my tour operator help me if I test positive for Covid while on holiday?

Check your contract, which will include a Covid clause, and your insurance. Aito tour operators always try to help customers who encounter difficulties, but there can be no financial obligation.

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