Where to travel in 2021 and what are the best destinations in the world today?


While there cannot be a definitive list of the best travel destinations around the world, the choices will vary from publication to publication. However, based on popular trends, polls and mutual rankings, a list of top global travel destinations has been compiled.

There is no doubt that the rankings will change from time to time and it is inevitable that the popularity of these destinations will continue to change throughout the process; some will make the cut and some will not.

Here are the top destinations according to two major US publications; US News and Far & Wide. But take the list with a pinch of salt, because those rankings might not be how you would place them – and that’s okay!

Maldives – For sparkling beaches

The Maldives, a picturesque island country, is one of the popular places for the best trips in January. The assemblage of charming islands, crystal blue sea, sparkling beaches and high reefs makes Maldives vacation fascinating and alluring during the winter month. January is the perfect time to visit the Maldives as one can enjoy the most exciting water sports.

The list curated by US News and Far & Wide had a total of 30 destinations on which the Maldives ranked twelfth out of the two.

Glacier National Park, Montana

An outdoor traveler’s dream, this place is considered the “Jewel in the Crown” of Montana, USA. The most defining feature of the park is of course, as the name suggests, the glaciers which provide a spectacular panoramic view of the view while the unspoiled lakes add to the effect of natural beauty at its best.

Visitors to the park may reside in the nearby town of Whitefish, considered one of America’s best small towns. Interestingly, the park is also home to mountain goats that you can observe during your hike.

Tokyo, Japan

Lively, busy and confusing! The Japanese capital is often cited as one of the most exciting cities in the world. Neon lights, fast pace and constant rush hour. This description may make you wonder if the city is really a tourist attraction or not, but it is!

As well as being a bustling city with neon-lit Supras and heavily modified Toyotas, it’s also the city of temples and cherry blossoms, as well as exquisite delicacies. Food is love and food is life and Tokyo has dozens or more to offer!

Between the months of March and April or September and November happen to be the best times to visit the city when temperatures are at their best – and in the spring the cherry trees bloom to their delight.

Phuket, thailand

Luxurious yet affordable rhymes with Phuket. Located in the south of Thailand and only an hour’s flight from Bangkok, nestled beautifully in the Andaman Sea, is the pristine landslide which is home to white sandy beaches.

Known for sunset spots, photo-taking spots and a huge alabaster statue known as the Big Buddha are some of the main reasons travelers flock to Phuket.

Phuket is most pleasant between November and April, when the weather is best and in the best conditions for beach activities – remember that it is “poo-ket” or “poo-get”.

Rome, Italy

what do they say? Rome was not built in a day? Well, that’s good because a hasty build is often not a sight to be admired or worshiped. The historical importance of this city is one thing, but the changes over time are another.

Luxurious hotels, shop windows among other beautifully erected tourist avenues in a city that is also home to iconic structures like the Pantheon or the very famous Colosseum. What about art? Yes, art! Why visit Rome if you don’t stop to admire the beautiful sculptures and art left behind by famous artists such as Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Bernini and Raphael.

Rome is also home to several Michelin-starred restaurants, so curbing your hunger or tempting your taste buds with fine dining won’t be a problem after all. The best time to visit Rome is between October and April, when the city experiences cooler temperatures, thinner crowds, and also better rates on hotels.

London, England

London is known for a lot of things, but you might be slightly surprised to see the city stand out as a popular tourist or travel destination. But that shouldn’t deter you in fact since this city is “alive” and ready to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Live performances of Shakespeare, world class museums like the National Gallery or where you’ll end up snapping some photos just so you can tell your family you’ve been to England – Buckingham Palace. Please don’t disturb these guards, even though it might be a futile plea!

London is not London without its famous pubs and during your visit you might find yourself visiting these places.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Phil Coulson (The Avengers, Agents of SHIELD) said “Tahiti is a magical place!” and even a fictional character is right on that note. French cuisine, top-of-the-range resorts, warm waters and a serene setting. Certainly, Tahiti weighs heavily on your bank account but it is worth it!

Divided into two regions and connected by a land bridge, Tahiti Nui is the largest region and is home to the capital of Papeete Island as well as the Papenoo Beach surf spot. The smallest area, Tahiti Iti, offers seclusion with the crisp white sands of La Plage de Maui – perfect for beach dwellers looking to relax a bit!

The best time to visit is between May and October, which coincides with Tahiti’s winter where it is less humid with less rainfall.

Maui, Hawaii

You would have seen a lot of Hawaii on television. Hollywood movies love to pick Hawaii as one of their favorites whenever a movie is about rest, relaxation, and vacation. But where to go in Hawaii? Maui of course. Maui has five regions, including the popular West Maui and South Maui, which are known for several attractions and beaches – Wailea Beach for example. Road to Hana in East Maui is another popular travel area and the Upcountry that will take you to the world’s largest dormant volcano – the Haleakala!

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Measuring just over 2 miles wide and 6 miles long, Bora Bora is a peak of pristine beauty. The turquoise lagoons and the beaches are what will immerse you.

Popular activities to enjoy while in Bora Bora include hiking or booking a 4×4 tour of Mount Otemanu, part of an extinct volcano that rises 2,400 above the lagoon. Or if you want to get your feet wet, snorkeling along the Coral Gardens would be perfect for you, which is home to reef sharks, eels and stingrays.

Visiting Bora Bora between December and March would be ideal if you don’t want to spend too much during your visit.

Paris, France

First thing that comes to your mind when someone says Paris – Eiffel Tower of course! The city has everything you are looking for. From rich cuisine to iconic monuments and centuries of history packed into its streets, buildings and attractions.

Other popular tourist sites include the Musée d’Orsay while the city is home to 20 diverse neighborhoods called arrondissements. Trendy restaurants, charming squares, exotic cafes and bars, Paris has it all! Summer is the best time to visit Paris when the weather is the best.

South Island, New Zealand

The larger but less populated of the two islands that make up New Zealand is home to breathtaking scenery.

Activities one can indulge in include a 53.5km hike on Milford Sound, limited to 90 people at a time and considered one of the best hikes in the world. You can make stops at Lake Te Anau, suspension bridges, a mountain pass and also the country’s highest waterfall, Sutherland Falls, throughout your hike.

Autumn is the most ideal time to visit the South Island when the temperature is optimal and the island itself is not overcrowded with zealous tourists. In addition, the rates during this period are also considerably better.


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