Where Americans want to travel abroad and where they’ve lost interest

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Just as countries have started lifting travel bans in the event of a pandemic and Americans are at least starting to think about booking vacations abroad, the spread of the delta and omicron variants of Covid-19 has once again put the fortune of the windward tourism industry.

That said, hope is eternal, and American travelers have been busy researching the long-delayed overseas trips they would like to take once they can. The ParkSleepFly travel site has tracked where they want to go.

ParkSleepFly researchers analyzed data from April-September Google searches performed by Americans on 168 foreign or overseas destinations in terms of flights, vacations and hotels, totaling them to determine rankings in categories such than the most demanded countries, the most demanded cities. and regions, countries with increasing popularity of travel and countries with declining American interest.

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The # 1 overseas destination Americans seek is Puerto Rico – technically US territory, but still a flight or cruise for those on the mainland. ParkSleepFly has tracked nearly 1.69 million searches for the island. The Maldives, with 491,200 searches, round out the top five places; Costa Rica, at 384,600; Aruba, at 379,600; and Mexico, at 361,300.

The website also ranked the cities and regions attracting the most interest; the first 10 are listed in the box below.

Cities and regions most requested by Google search

Travel site ParkSleepFly analyzed Google search data for flights, vacations, and hotels by Americans for destinations around the world to determine the most popular vacation spots as 2022 approaches. Here’s a look at the top 10 urban locations and regional and the total number of searches in the past six months.

  1. Cancun, Mexico – 638 230
  2. Bali, Indonesia – 448,100
  3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 446,100
  4. Bora Bora, French Polynesia – 408,200
  5. Panama City, Panama – 299,210
  6. Paris – 265,400
  7. Cape San Lucas, Mexico – 252,780
  8. San jose, Dominican Republic – 225,690
  9. Toronto – 224 130
  10. Rio de Janeiro – 202,550

Source: ParkSleepFly

ParkSleepFly also looked at which countries are falling or rising and in popularity among US travelers. Travel searches to China have fallen by 75% – perhaps not surprisingly, given the media coverage of the coronavirus, as well as current geopolitical tensions. “Following the emergence of Covid-19, China has imposed a strict border policy and suspended all visas on arrival, so it is not surprising to see a decline in popularity,” the site writes on its blog .

Italy comes in second place for least interest from Americans, with a 59% drop, which ParkSleepFly attributed to the country’s many Covid lockdowns this year. At No.3, Hong Kong – with some of the world’s toughest pandemic border restrictions – saw a 54% drop.

On the bright side, searches increased dramatically for overseas or foreign destinations such as the US Virgin Islands, up 98%; the Maldives, up 72%; and Indonesia, with growth of 61%. The fastest growing overseas and foreign cities and regions include St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, up 77%; Toronto, up 45%; and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, up 41%.

To learn more about the study and its methodology, visit ParkSleepFly website.

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