What Miona’s social media reveals about her trip around the world

90 Day Fiancé newcomer Miona is causing a stir due to her controversial content. However, the Serbian woman has experienced a jet-set lifestyle.

Miona and Jibri Bell revealed they had been irresponsible with their money 90 day fiance season 9; however, Miona continues to travel the world despite her current lack of funds. Jibri’s wife from South Dakota is rumored to be causing a stir among viewers as many 90 day fiance fans of the franchise have accused Miona of “black fishing” due to its heavily edited online appearance. However, Miona also shared less problematic content as she shared her many adventures before joining the cast of 90 day fiance.

Jibri was introduced to viewers as an eccentric 28-year-old musician, head over heels in love with his Serbian partner. Miona, 23, met Jibri while performing with her band in Serbia. However, Jibri has since given up on her life as a musician due to the couple’s excessive travel and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Miona doesn’t seem too happy about spending time in South Dakota, as she has her heart set on living in one of the big cities in the United States, like Los Angeles or New York.


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Before arriving in the United States, Miona had already traveled around the world, often with 90 day fiance Jibri. While this provided the young couple with many fond memories, it also created a major problem. Jibri admitted to being irresponsible with her savings, while Miona also likes to spend money rather than save it. This brought Jibri back to her parents in South Dakota. Not only will Miona have to deal with rural life, but she’ll also have to come to terms with Jibri’s skeptical mother. This differs from the jet-set life that Miona once enjoyed.


Miona took to Instagram to show it off”candleside for which Jibri’s friend David called her. The Serbian woman visited Monaco in 2018. 90 day fiance newcomer Miona captioned a dramatic photo of herself, writing: “You said you wanted a simple life and that’s not me.”

Spain & Italy

Miona also vacationed in Barcelona, ​​Spain in the summer of 2018. Miona appeared to be living her best life on Instagram as she captioned a photo of herself wearing sunglasses and a crop top, “she lives.“Miona sported big curls in 2018, although she has since received a lot of criticism from 90 day fiance fans for “black fishingonline. Miona followed her trip to Barcelona by visiting Italian cities, Venice and Milan.


Although Miona is from Nis, Serbia, she shared a photo taken in Belgrade, Serbia in 2019. Miona seems like a proud Serbian woman, while Jibri has also been to Serbia several times due to her group, the Black Serbs. 90 days of the groom Jibri met Miona during one of her concerts in the country.

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In 2019, Miona celebrated her 21st birthday in Vienna, Austria. It emerged that Miona was already a budding influencer as she modeled a denim outfit for Fashion Nova. Miona now has over 42,000 subscribers after the second episode of 90 day fiance season 9.

United Arab Emirates

Jibri discussed running out of finances while traveling with Miona. One of those trips included a visit to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2019. Miona and Jibri already seemed very much in love at the time, which could confirm rumors that they are married and have been living together for some time. Miona and Jibri also enjoyed a trip to Thailand in December 2019, where Jibri proposed to her.

Africa & Greece

Miona and Jibri traveled to Africa in 2020 during their many adventures together. the 90 day fiance The couple spent time in Kenya and Tanzania. Although Miona and Jibri had to deal with the repercussions of spending their money on trips, they seemed to be enjoying their vacation together. the 90 day fiance newcomers also enjoyed a trip to Greece in 2021 that Miona was happy to document their travels.

United States

Miona has been in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Palm Springs, California, since joining Jibri in Rapid City, South Dakota. 90 day fiance the duo will likely reveal more about their current living situation and relationship status after more Season 9 episodes air on TLC.

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