Waterfront Cebu Launches City’s First Hotel Drive-Thru Site

SINCE the start of the pandemic, various establishments and industries, including restaurants, cafes and other food outlets, have been severely affected. Most of them have been forced to close or cease their activities. However, with the resurgence of the steering wheel control system, establishments have found a whole new lease of life in these uncertain times.

With its goal and mission to bring its premier food closer to the public, as well as provide more ways for its customers to enjoy a safe and worry-free dining experience, the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino has launched the whole city’s first drive-thru. ordering system in a hotel nicknamed the “Waterfront on the Go: Drive-Thru and Pick-up Station”.

With the launch of the hotel’s new business, guests can now enjoy a more convenient and faster dining experience, from ordering to payment, all without having to leave their car.

Similar to drive-thru systems from other food establishments, Waterfront Cebu’s drive-thru station also offers contactless ordering and payment methods.

Customers can also pre-order from their home or office and pick up their orders during the scheduled pickup time of the day.

From P100, the hotel’s best-selling and most iconic dishes and pastries, such as Super Bowls Waterfront (Tin Gow, Mizu, Pinoy and Italian Rice Bowls), Biko, Cassava Cake, bibingka, croissant, muffins, cookies and more.

The “Waterfront on the Go” station is located in the lower lobby, right next to the entrance to the group check-in desk, and is open daily 8 am-8pm for drive-thru and pick-up. from September 20. 2021.

One can like and follow Waterfront Cebu’s official Facebook page (@waterfrontcebucity), Instagram and Twitter accounts (@waterfrontcebu) for the latest updates on its promotions and offers. SPONSORED CONTENT

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