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Italian Consul General Danilo Guirdanella (left), cheese expert Antonio Fracciolla (center) and chef Samuele Crestale. – Fahim Siddiqi / White star

KARACHI: Even though it was just boiling water, the little puffs of steam escaping from the pot, every time Chef Samuele Crestale lifted the lid, hinted that something incredibly delicious had to come out. of the chef’s efforts at the Italian Cooking Workshop, which was part of the HoReCa Summit during Italian Cooking Week to be held Wednesday at a local hotel.

Chef Crestale, later, was very busy rolling the dough, cutting the flour strips into small cubes before transferring them to the pan to boil them, heating the sauce, adding red beans, pieces of stale bread and all to prepare for a storm called pisarei e faso, generous portions which he offered to his entire audience to taste. The dish is said to be a classic, originating in Emilia Romagna, a region in northern Italy.

His next offering was a semi-frozen dessert called Semifreddo al Fondente. “It’s half cold, with a consistency between ice cream and mousse topped with chocolate and strawberries,” he explained.

While everyone thronged around Chef Crestale to watch him cook and taste his delicacies, those who gathered around his colleague, the expert cheese maker, Antonio Fracciolla, took pleasure in listening to him and what he had in their minds. tell about the different types of cheese he had taken with him. all the way from Italy. Yet many hesitated when it came to tasting the cheeses. “It’s an acquired taste,” he said, offering it to them.

“Italian Cuisine Week is more about Italians than food”

There were cheeses in the shape of bricks, balls, cylinders, etc., some still with the strings on which they were hung to dry or age. There was goat cheese known as caciotta di capra, buffalo milk cheese known as quadrello di bufala, sheep milk cheese known as capestrano puglielse, milk cheese from goat and sheep aged for eight months known as mixed junco, natural cheese fermented for eight months in the cave known as cacio cavallo, natural cheese fermented in a cave for 12 months known as provolone fragno quarceta , natural cheese fermented in a cave for 18 months known as provolone quarceta and blu buffalo milk cheese with Penicillium rocqueforti.

The audience cringed at the idea of ​​fermented or rotten cheese or cheese with mushrooms. But the cheese expert really enjoyed it. He informed the public about the history and importance of cheese making in Italian culture, of which they are very proud. He himself has won several cheese tasting trophies around the world.

It was the first time that the chef and cheese expert had been to Pakistan. Fracciolla had come directly from Italy while Chef Crestale had come from Dubai, where he has been employed by a hotel chain for 12 years now. “I am very careful with halal food,” he told Dawn.

Alongside the workshop, several stands presented food ingredients and samples of Italian products.

The Italian Consul General in Karachi Danilo Guirdanella was also present. He also spoke about the benefits of a Mediterranean diet as a balanced eating pattern for a healthy lifestyle. Regarding Italian Food Week, he said it was more about the Italian people than the food.

“Our food, we share it with others. To share is to love. We care about others, ”he said.

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