Viking celebrates the launch of its new ocean-going vessel, Viking Saturn

Viking announced today that its newest ocean-going vessel, Viking Saturn, was successfully launched at the Fincantieri shipyard in Ancona, Italy.

The float is a major milestone in the construction of any cruise ship, marking the first time the ship actually hits the water. This is a particularly important point in the process because it signifies that a ship is entering its final stage of construction.


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Viking Saturn’s official float began around 11:00 a.m. local time this morning as the Viking crew cut a cord that prompted water to flow into the ship’s construction dock, initiating a process of two days that will see it completely afloat. Once this stage is complete, it will be moved to a nearby outfitting dock where crews will complete the final build and construct the interiors.

“It’s always a proud day when a new Viking ship hits the water for the first time and gets one step closer to its sister ships in our fleet,” Viking President Torstein Hagen said during the traditional launching ceremony today. “Together with Fincantieri, we have built the most elegant ocean-going vessels in the world and we look forward to welcoming our first guests aboard the Viking Saturn when it is delivered next spring.”

The Viking Saturn is set to debut in April 2023, spending its first season sailing guest itineraries in Mediterranean and northern European waters. Like Viking’s other ocean-going ships, she will eventually weigh 47,800 gross tons and house 465 veranda cabins that can accommodate 930 guests.

It will also feature two swimming pools, a LivNordic Spa, Explorers Lounge, Mamsen Delicatessen, Winter Garden, eight dining options, cultural enrichment, Nordic inspiration and more.

The Viking Saturn will join an award-winning fleet of identical sister ships including the Viking Star, Viking Sea, Viking Sky, Viking Orion, Viking Jupiter, Viking Venus and Viking Mars, with the new Viking Neptune also set to enter service later this year. .

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