Tyson and John Fury go to The Mountain Gym in Iceland to confront him, he’s not there

Tyson Fury and his dad John flew to Iceland for an impromptu showdown with The Mountain – but unfortunately he’s in Italy. Look here :

The 33-year-old posted videos on social media documenting the seemingly spontaneous trip with his father and promoter Spencer Brown.

In his first video, he revealed he had landed at Keflavik airport and was “looking for Thor”, urging the giant to “come out and fight like a man”.

The man is truly one of a kind. Credit: Instagram/Tyson Fury

Naturally, the three mountain-hunting amigos headed to his gymnasium, quite logically assuming that the jagged giant spends every hour of the day there pumping iron.

However, in Tyson’s next update, he revealed that the plan, well, didn’t go to plan.

“We came to Iceland to fight Thor, he’s not here,” Tyson said.

“So now Thor, if you want some smoke from The Gypsy King, you’re gonna have to come to Morecambe Bay and find me.”

Obviously, although the mission was a little off, the boys weren’t going to leave it all in vain, and in the following video, they could be seen donning viking helmets, declaring that the country was theirs by now. absence from The Mountain. .

Great.  Credit: Instagram/Tyson Fury
Great. Credit: Instagram/Tyson Fury

Like real vikings, they finally turned to giant rubber boots full of beer, but there have been no further updates for the past four hours.

I think I speak for all of us when I say I’m extremely curious about how their day is going outside.

Thor has since responded to Tyson, revealing that he is actually in Rome, Italy shooting a movie.

The Mountain is in Italy, not in Iceland.  Credit: Instagram/@thorbjornsson
The Mountain is in Italy, not in Iceland. Credit: Instagram/@thorbjornsson

Like the rest of us, he seemed amused by their ride, but he urged Tyson and his team to send him a contract if they’re serious about a fight.

Of course, while they may both be mountain men, a boxing match between the two would be a huge mismatch – the same way a strongman contest wouldn’t be a contest. However, it looks like both sides want an exhibition fight.

“It would be great to be there in front of, say, 70,000 fans and show him what boxing is, blow him up and knock him out.

“We’re talking to his team right now and that’s definitely something I’m interested in.”

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