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Created: Jan 27, 2022 6:24 PM

While at least two government agencies promote working from the island from the Bermuda certificate, the travel site Kayak puts Bermuda at the bottom of its list of recommended places to work remotely.

Using 22 different factors, Kayak compared 111 countries and ranked the island only ahead of the Maldives and the US Virgin Islands in the places they recommend in their remote work rankings for people to set up their next personal office.

The island ranked last in price and also last in social life, tied with the same two countries, as well as Antigua and Barbuda, Cayman Islands, Belize, Bahamas, Seychelles and Anguilla. Not enough to do, says Kayak.

Bermuda has been beaten for the quality of social life by Lebanon, a country ravaged by energy shortages, where an electricity crisis has paralyzed much of public life since mid-2021.

The Bermuda Islands don’t even get a passing grade of “C” on Kayak’s list, scoring an ugly 12 out of a possible 100.

It eclipses only the Maldives (7 out of 100) and the US Virgin Islands (1 out of 100).

This may come as a surprise given that the government is all for offering the one-year Bermuda Work Residential Certificate, highly visible and available both on the Bermuda Tourism Authority website and on the Bermuda Business Development Agency website.

The new policy has already attracted 900 residents and generated more than $23 million in the economy.

What are the calculations of the Kayak’s Work from Wherever Index methodology?

The scoring system involves the collection of data sources for six exam areas.

To travel: accessibility defined by the weekly number of air connections to/from the country of destination; average hotel price per night for a standard double room across all hotel types, during the research period January-September 2021 for travel January-December 2022; car rental prices and fuel.

Local rates: apartment rental prices per month; local transport prices; Food prices; restaurant prices.

Health and security: political stability and absence of violence/terrorism; exposure to air pollution; LGBT equality and legal rights; car accidents, including estimated road fatality rate (per 100,000 population).

Remote work: Iinternet speed; remote work visas; estimated number of coworking spaces per inhabitant.

Social life: English Proficiency Index score based on test data from over 2.2 million people tested worldwide; going out or the average number of bars and clubs in five major cities per 100,000 inhabitants; culture or the average number of theatres, museums and galleries in five major cities per 100,000 inhabitants.

Weather: average monthly precipitation; mean monthly temperature.

Kayak’s top 10 work destinations include Lisbon, Milan, San Jose, São Paulo, and San Juan.

Further details on the Work from Wherever Index – Methodology can be found by scrolling down the page for data and data sources and factor definitions here:

The travel site is surprisingly not convinced that the Work from Bermuda program is as good as over 100 other sites

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