Top 10 destinations to visit in Italy this summer

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The European Union recently opened its borders to Americans just in time for summer vacation. One country Americans will flock to is wonderful Italy. Each region of this breathtaking country has something unique to offer in terms of cuisine, history, architecture and culture. Now is the time to explore the top 10 destinations to visit in Italy this summer.

The best destinations to visit in Italy

See the splendor of Milan

Milan is all about fashion, architecture and fabulous restaurants. You have to enjoy the view from the top of the famous Duomo at least once to fully experience its beauty. Buyers will love spending time and money at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Don’t forget to see the masterpiece Last Supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci, located in Santa Maria delle Grazie. Milan is a city full of sophistication, style and glamor.

Relax at Lake Como

If you prefer a quiet lakefront retreat, head to the Lake Como area. This region is located at the foot of the Italian Alps and has many villages and mountains to explore. While at the lake, take a cruise to see some of the most spectacular villas that lie along the lake. The rich and famous love to vacation here. You may even spot a movie star while you’re in town.

Ride a gondola in Venice

Venice is ready to welcome Americans to their city. Venice is the quintessential walking city, and a visitor could spend days wandering its labyrinth of alleys and streets. The city is well known as one of the best couples’ retreats in the world. Your next visit is when to take this gondola ride through the waterways and canals of this magnificent city. This summer is the time to come to Venice for the trip of a lifetime.

Discover one of Italy’s most scenic spots – the Cinque Terre

Spend time exploring the five beautiful towns on the hills above the Mediterranean Sea. One of the best things to do here is the hike between the five towns of Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare, Manarola and Corniglia. You can also spend time on one of the wonderful beaches, like the one in Monterosso al Mare.

Taste the best wines of Tuscany

Wherever you go in this region, it will be a magical experience. In Tuscany, everyone slows down a bit and enjoys la dolce vita (the sweetness of life). Relax in this beautiful region full of green hills and picturesque villages. Of course, Tuscany is famous for its vineyards and cellars, and popular activities here are wine tasting. While in the area, stop in the small village of San Gimignano for an ice cream and admire the 13 medieval towers on the horizon.

Discover the history of the Renaissance in Florence

Take a trip back in time to wonderful Florence. This town in Tuscany is a place that has always inspired art, music and academics. For art lovers, there is Michelangelo’s famous David in the Uffizi Gallery, and the Galleria dell’Accademia, and many more. This city is a wonderful place to walk, explore and see spectacular Renaissance and medieval architecture. Without doubt one of the most romantic cities in the world, Florence is a must-see city in Italy.

Do everything in Rome

Rome is the number one destination in Italy for Americans. It is not difficult to understand why after just one visit to this magnificent city. In Rome there are thousands of fabulous restaurants specializing in the best Italian cuisine. If you’re on a religious pilgrimage, be sure to explore Vatican City. All over Rome you will see monuments that reflect thousands of years of Italian history. Fans of fine art should take the time to visit one of the city’s museums. At the Vatican Museum, spend time in quiet reflection in The Sistine Chapel.

Eat pizza in Naples

Naples is not only the origin of pizza, but also a hub of Italian culture and history. Explore this historic town that sits at the foot of Mt. Mount Vesuvius. Visitors to the city will love strolling through the shops located in the alleys of the “heart” of Naples. Go underground to the city’s catacombs and learn about the origins of the city and its people. You can also take a day trip to the luxurious Isle of Capri or explore the ruins of Pompeii or Pozzuli. A seaside port, Naples also has a lot to offer when it comes to some of the best seafood in the country. Of course, don’t let your stay in Naples go by without indulging yourself at least once to its delicious pizza.

Drive along the Amalfi Coast

One of the best scenic drives in Italy is the winding road along the Amalfi Coast. Just outside of Naples is this region which contains lemon gardens and colorful houses built into the hillside. The pretty town of Amalfi is a popular place to spend time, with its setting between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the hills. Positano is another popular spot on this route, with its picturesque beaches, shops and hillside houses. The Amalfi Coast was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

Hiking near the Dolomites

Discover a bit of the Austrian mountains in the Dolomites. This lesser-known place has great views and is perfect for hiking and exploring. The Dolomites have many designated hikes in the region for all ages and skill levels. During the summer months you can ride a cable car up to the viewpoints. the Lagazuoi tunnels the hike has some of the most amazing views you will ever see.


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