This is how Susan Sarandon sees the world

Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon has traveled a lot – and we’re not just talking about her infamous road trip across the country in Thelma and Louise. She’s traveled the world, both as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and for fun, and she has even more places on her list. “If I could have married David Attenborough and been to some of these places he goes to, I would have happily done so,” said Sarandon. A D. “[Travel] makes you respect the other instead of fearing the other.

As an conservationist, Sarandon is also aware of the impact travel can have on the land. She’s embraced train travel to cut back on her use of high-emission planes, and recently even opted to drive from Atlanta (where she’s filming the upcoming country music drama Monarch alongside her daughter, Eva Amurri) to her home in New York City instead of taking a plane.

Once arrived at your destination, the global brand ambassador of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts also thinks about the sustainability of her accommodation. “[Fairmont Hotels] have dedicated themselves to the idea of ​​sustainability, not just talking about it, but doing something, ”says Sarandon. “They give people the opportunity to be gentler on land, water and electricity. Many of their hotels partner with the communities in which they are located to carry out coral reef restoration projects or to do beekeeping, [and so on]. ”

Sarandon is the star of a new advertisement for the brand, highlighting five beautiful locations: Montreux, Switzerland; New York City; Alberta, Canada; British Columbia, Canada; and South Africa, each “selected for their grandiose landscapes,” says vice president of the brand, Mansi Vagt. The concert, it seems, rekindled Sarandon’s desire to travel. “It’s time to start thinking about the trip again and dreaming about where you’d like to go, and have the freedom to do it,” she says. Below, she shares more stories from her travels with A D.

Architectural summary: Can you tell us a bit about your experience of traveling by train?

Susan Sarandon: I would like to continue to use the trains. The only train I haven’t done crosses Canada. I think it starts in Toronto. It would be really fun. Especially as I get older and smaller, I can adapt to these beds. For vacations, I’m not interested in fast travel; I prefer to be slow. There are enough places I need to go quickly.

What essential items do you always take with you on a long trip?

If I stay overnight and have to do something the next day I definitely take half an Ambien this is a must. There was a time when I took my daughter to Italy, and she was little. We would sleep on the floor [of the plane]. Can you imagine I couldn’t sleep sitting up. Now I guess I still have a phone. I download a few podcasts and listen to them. But I use my phone to take pictures more than anything.

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

Well, I’m listening to David Sirota. Bad faith. Krystal Kyle and her friends. Democracy now!

What’s your favorite travel memory, if you can pick one?

I love everything Italian, but visiting the medieval village where my grandfather was born, with all my siblings – or just about all my siblings, and we are nine – in Sicily, was very special . Then I did a reality show [Coming Home on BBC] to know if I was Welsh because on my father’s side I always said I was Welsh. It was really nice driving through Wales and having my family stuck in a van together.

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