These are the reasons North America is perfect for road trips

The United States is a great country for road trips. When considering road trips to the United States, one can also throw in Canada a bit, the two countries are very similar and the border (if you remember to bring your passport) is only slightly more inconvenient. to cross that a toll booth. So, for this article, we’re going to focus on North America, because crossing Canada makes for a truly epic road trip to Alaska as well.

During a road trip in North America, it is possible to enjoy very different landscapes and landscapes, from the warm tropical beaches of Florida to the frozen north of Alaska. These are the reasons that make North America perfect for road travel.

Wide range of vehicles


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In many countries around the world, only small to medium size vehicles are available. But in the United States, you also have a choice of large vehicles like the F-250.

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This means you can tow a big trailer or have the biggest luxury RV you want or can afford. In Europe, getting big and luxurious this way is just not an option. In Europe and other countries, you will prefer a small motorhome because of the narrow and winding roads.

Superb road network


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America is perfect for a road trip because of its superb interstate system. These roads are generally free and they are also in very good condition. In comparison, in France, most major highways are toll roads and are very expensive, driving a segment of the highway sometimes costs as much as $ 50!


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Also, gasoline and food are basically airport fare along the European motorway network, otherwise you have to pay to leave and then re-enter the toll motorway, which means motorists are sort of trapped on it. Highway.

Extensive camping infrastructure


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In the United States, there are plenty of camping options, including dozens and dozens of state-run free campsites in the West. You can camp in the mountains, on beaches, in forests, in deserts and even next to hot springs.


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If you want to camp in the USA you are often spoiled for choice, especially in the West where campsites are often in the most beautiful and surreal places.

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Beautiful nature


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The natural landscape in the United States is quite stunning. While there may be less to see in the Great Plains region, the entire western half, from the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean, is filled with breathtaking scenery.


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Even in the Great Plains, one can be surprised at the amount of things to see and explore. The great outdoors in America is truly fascinating, and there is always more to see and discover.

Driving culture


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America has long had the highest number of cars per capita in the world and is home to some of the most iconic cars like the Ford F-Series, Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Chevy Suburban and many more.


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Compare these icons with iconic small cars from Europe like the Mini or the Beetle – not travel cars for sure (although respect you if you do). Europe simply never had the automotive culture that we find in the United States.

Lack of alternative transport

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Places like Europe are crisscrossed with fast and functional railways and bus lines. These are often cheap, convenient, and mainstream, and they go where you want to go.


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But in America, very few Americans who own a car would choose to take a bus. And there are just not a lot of passenger railways that operate, and even when there are, they are slow. To get places in America, you have to drive, which much of the world isn’t.

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Cheap fuel


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While it can be hard to believe at times, America (also Canada) has some of the cheapest gasoline and diesel prices in the Western world. In Europe, gasoline is much more expensive, even in Australia.


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In Oslo, Norway, for example, the average cost of gasoline per gallon is $ 6.23. In most states in the United States, the cost of gasoline per gallon is less than $ 3, although it is more expensive on the West Coast.

Higher income


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Americans also tend to have higher disposable incomes. It also allows Americans to purchase larger and more cable cars, as well as other outdoor equipment like mountain bikes.

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California, for example, has around 40 million people, while the UK has nearly 68 million. But California’s economy is larger, at $ 3.2 trillion or $ 80,600 per capita compared to $ 3.15 trillion or $ 47,000 per person. Californians just have more money to spend on road trips.

Varied landscapes


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The United States offers incredibly varied landscapes. On a road trip, you can visit the high desert of Nevada, the tropical Florida Keys, the Grand Canyon of Arizona, the forests of Maine, the rain forests of Washington and the frozen north of Alaska.


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You can see so much of the natural diversity of the world just in the United States. Still, you should travel abroad if you have the chance, there are unforgettable places to discover around the world.

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Types of attractions

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While most of the attractions in Europe are its old and beautiful cities, many of America’s attractions are its stunning nature. A typical trip to Europe is to visit London, Rome, Paris and Madrid, and it is very easy to catch a train or fly to these centers.


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But in America, one would generally like to visit the beautiful national parks and even go hiking or exploring hot springs. You really need a car to do all of this.

In summary, America is probably the best country in the world for a great road trip.

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