Thermae Romae Novae: Trailer, Cast & Crew Details, and More

If you are interested in a new anime, netflix got you covered yet again with Thermae Romae Novae. It is a fun and exciting anime that depicts the story of Lucius, the Roman architect of the time. He has traveled through time and landed in modern Japan and sets out to explore Japanese public baths.

Netflix has never shied away from anime and with Thermae Romae Novae they are looking to expand their already long list of anime movies in the library.

This is going to be a fun dramedy and the series is based on the manga created by Mari Yamazaki.

While Lucius is about to return home to modern Japan, the anime is actually set in Ancient Rome. Although it is based on the manga, audiences will enjoy an elongated plot in the anime with twists that makes it even more exciting.

Thermae Romae release date

Thermae Romae Novae is going to be a Netflix release and viewers can start streaming the anime from March 28, 2022. It takes place in ancient Rome and the adventures of Lucius Modest trying to go back in time is sure to keep audiences hooked from the start. We can’t wait to start streaming it.

Thermae Romae trailer

Netflix has already released the trailer and it looks like audiences are pretty much reciprocating. The trailer starts with Luciusa Roman architect looking for a job Prehistoric Rome. He gets the job building a bathhouse, and the turn of events transports him through time and lands him in modern-day Japan.

Modern day bathhouses are what grab his attention and intrigue him to find out more about it. The trailer shows very well what we can really expect from this new anime. There will be plenty of twists and turns to keep the audience entertained.

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Expected cast of Thermae Romae

The cast of Thermae Romae is yet to be confirmed and revealed by Netflix. At the moment we only have information about Lucius Modest, the protagonist who will be played by Kenjiro Tsuda. More cast and crew news has yet to surface, so we’ll have to wait for an official reveal from the creators.

Synopsis of Thermae Romae

The storyline and synopsis sound exciting, as do the main characters that will be introduced. We will see Lucius Modestus the protagonist alongside Marcus Pietras, Hadrianand Lepidus. However, character names are likely to be pronounced differently in the anime, for example, Lucius Modestus will be pronounced as Rushiu Su Modesutusu.

Fans can’t wait to ride along the journey of Lucius Modest and his quest to come up with new ideas for the bathhouse he was ordered to complete. Disappointed with himself Lucius fails to relax and visits a bathhouse with his friends.

Thermae Romae

As he dips his head in the water, Lucius discovers a secret tunnel that leads him to a modern bathhouse in Japan. Although this time travel leaves Lucius in doubt, he draws new design inspiration from the flourishing bathhouses in Japan.

Back in ancient Rome, he put his ideas into the design of public baths, which helped him regain the respect and reputation of the citizens. His discoveries in a modern Japanese bathhouse certainly advance him in his quest to build a marvelous bathhouse in ancient Rome.

Learn more about manga

Thermae Romae manga has gained a high reputation in various competitions. He got the third Manga Taisho and Short Story Award at the 14th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. In 2012a live-action film adaptation of the manga was also released.

It was created by Fuji TV and they even offered a suite in 2014 which also became popular. The series has been licensed by Discotek Media and visual siren as well as.

What we can expect from the anime is still on the cards, but looking at the trailer, cast, and storyline, we can anticipate a joyful ride for audiences as they travel through time with Lucius Modest. So how do you think this anime will pan out?

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