There is a new Paris-Milan high-speed train line

When it comes to train travel between France and Italy, there’s a new kid on the block. Italian operator Trenitalia has started operating its fast and fast Frecciarossa trains between Milan and Paris, providing a new super-fast connection between the two cities.

“But there is already a Paris-Milan line! you cry. You are right, there are. But this news offers some pretty meaty competition for the other direct route, which is run by French provider SNCF.

What is this competition for, exactly? Well, in the long run, we might get cheaper prices, better quality of service, and maybe even faster routes. At the moment, however, Trenitalia prices start at €39, about the same as the SNCF service, with similar options to upgrade to business and executive class (which essentially get you progressively bigger seats and more food and free drinks).

But right now the main difference is speed. Frecciarossa trains can reach a dazzling speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), meaning they can cover the 840 km journey in around six and a half hours. By comparison, the SNCF TGV journey takes just over seven hours. Think about what you could do in that half hour! That’s enough time to swallow a plate of risotto Milanese, we say.

The new Trenitalia line connects Gare de Lyon to Paris and Milano Centrale, passing through Lyon, Chambéry, Modane and Turin along the way. Since last month, when the service was launched, there have been two round trips each way a day – plus additional trains on the section between Lyon and Paris.

Tempted to book a trip? Tickets can be purchased on the Trenitalia website or app (as well as at ticket offices).

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