The Seychelles and Club Med unite to succeed in the Italy seduction operation

the Seychelles Tourism representative office in Italy has partnered with all-inclusive travel specialist, Club Med, through its Milan-based representative office, in a series of trade-dedicated networking events across Italy (date).

The events, which also received support from Qatar Airways Italy, took place in Rome, Naples and Milan and focused exclusively on the Seychelles as the perfect getaway for the upcoming holiday season.

While the Tourism Seychelles team provided visibility and sparked interest in the destination with partners, the Club Med team focused on the property it owns in Seychelles and launched several promotions and initiatives for trade.

Speaking after the event, the representative of Tourism Seychelles in Italy, Mrs. Danielle Di Gianvito, said that:

The event was a successful opportunity to generate more interest in the destination.

“This operation has been a remarkable success for Seychelles, the information provided by the team has not only increased visibility but also generated more interest in the destination. We are pleased that Club Med has secured its support for new collaborations to promote the destination to travel agencies across the country and the presence of Qatar Airways has boosted our business partners’ confidence in connectivity.” said Mrs. Di Gianvito.

During the events, the best Club Med salespeople were invited to a working session in the best locations in the city centers and were able to provide an update on the destination and discover St. Anne’s products and services. Presentations were followed by a sit-down lunch and networking opportunities.

After the events, agents were also able to participate in a sales challenge to win a trip to the Seychelles to experience the destination in person.

With restrictions lifted since March 1, Italian travelers are now free to travel outside of Europe as well without having to self-quarantine on their return. In addition to long-haul to tropical destinations, Seychelles is forecasting a huge increase in arrivals, while trade forecasts a good increase in bookings, following the shutdown during the pandemic. Until the end of February 2022, Seychelles recorded 1259 Italian visitors.

Operating in the Seychelles since April 2021, Club Med St. Anne is an eco-chic luxury resort on a private island, offering guests the feeling of Robinson Crusoe in complete harmony with nature. Snorkeling, trekking, sports activities, quality services and gastronomy await families, couples and groups to discover the unique island life of the Seychelles.

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