The most popular travel-inspired baby names in the UK shared by a new study

New research has revealed the most popular travel-inspired baby names in the UK – from Milan and India to Chester.

Naming your baby is an incredibly personal decision that will literally last a lifetime. While traditionally many parents have named their children after close family members, loved ones or even prominent historical figures and celebrities, recent years have seen parents get a little more creative when they think of potential baby names.

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Bounce’s research analyzed baby name data from the last 20 years to find out which travel destinations around the world spark inspiration for baby names.

The ten big names travel inspired baby names for boys in the UK arrived as follows:

  1. Chester – 3,410 boys’ first names

  2. Preston – 3,082 boys’ first names

  3. Phoenix – 2,738 boys’ first names

  4. Milano – 1,947 boys’ first names

  5. Orlando – 1,102 boys’ first names

  6. Israel – 1015 boy names

  7. Cairo – 969 boy names

  8. Rome – 562 boy names

  9. Sydney- 531 boy names

  10. Caspian 531 boy names

Chester is the most popular travel-related baby name for boys in the UK. Despite being a small town in the North West of England, Chester’s quaint and attractive appearance makes it a popular destination for many Britons and has clearly left a good impression, with 3,410 babies bearing the name of the city.

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In second place is the city of Preston. In the UK, no less than 3,082 babies were called Preston between 2000 and 2020.

Meanwhile, the top 10 travel-inspired baby names for girls in the UK have arrived as follows:

  1. Florence – 21,962 girl names

  2. Skye – 11,456 girl names

  3. India – 6,158 girl names

  4. Paris – 3,371 female first names

  5. Sydney- 3,251 girl names

  6. mali – 1,315 female first names

  7. dakota – 1,214 female first names

  8. Phoenix – 1,140 female first names

  9. Ocean – 1,000 girl names

  10. Vienna – 998 girl names

Florence is the most popular travel-inspired baby name for girls in the UK, with 21,962 girls named after the Italian city. Florence is a beautiful city full of exquisite architecture, impressive sculptures and numerous museums.

The second most popular travel baby name for girls in the UK is Skye, with 11,456 girls receiving the name. The Isle of Skye is one of Scotland’s most popular holiday destinations.

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