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Robert Foster (founder of Fink & Co) was commissioned to create the artwork in the Realm Lobby. It consists of approximately 5,250 anodized aluminum panel cards to create a true showpiece. Photo provided

“Hotel Realm opened in 2007,” said general manager Justin Higgins.

“At that time, owners Ivan and Jure Domazet operated – and continue to operate – a successful development company, Doma Group, and managed two hotel properties; the Bay Waters in Batemans Bay and Pinnacle Apartments in Kingston.

“They were looking to expand their hotel offering.

“That’s when Hotel Realm was envisioned and created.

“It has become the flagship hotel of a growing luxury hotel group in Canberra.

“Since then, Doma Hotels has grown locally and nationally to include other brands – Burbury, Little National in Canberra and Sydney, and Brassey.”

The Realm Hotel is unique in Canberra and is well known as a neighborhood.

“The Realm area is centered around the luxury accommodation of the Realm Hotel and includes its upscale bars and restaurants.”

The Realm Hotel is a property for all types of guests traveling for a number of reasons, from business to pleasure.

“There is a wide variety of customers and depending on the days of the week or the times of the year, this is clearly reflected.

“During the working week, Realm hosts many government, embassy and corporate visitors and is conveniently located just around the corner from Parliament,” Justin said.

“During weekends and holiday periods, Realm transforms into a place to stay for leisure, attracting many special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and more.

“Realm has also organized several family activities each year during the Easter period, such as chocolate making lessons with the chef, Easter movie nights for children, Easter egg hunts with a special appearance from the Easter Bunny .”

Whatever the occasion, “our team goes above and beyond to create memorable experiences for all guests.

“Our hotel is known as a place for romantic proposals, engagements, honeymooners, government delegations, sports groups and much more.”

In terms of facilities, “Hotel Realm offers all the bells and whistles a 5-star property demands. Within the Realm Precinct, located in Barton, Doma Hotels owns and operates three other hotels, Burbury Hotel & Apartments, Little National Hotel and Brassey Hotel Each property offers a unique charm and experience.

“We have three restaurants, two-day spas and a gym.”

Additionally, “The Realm Precinct is ideal for conferences and events and offers a number of spaces for rent. The newest addition to the neighborhood is Leyla, our rooftop bar located on the Burbury Hotel level.”

If you’re a Canberra local or an art lover, you’ll recognize Fink & Co products often sold in galleries and designer boutiques.

“(The late) Robert Foster (founder of Fink & Co) was commissioned to create an artwork in the Kingdom Lobby, which is now a centerpiece of the hotel. This artwork is made up of approximately 5,250 anodized aluminum cards. A real statement piece.”

Hotel Realm has also received numerous awards over the years, and this year alone the list includes:

  • Best Conference and Reception Venue (AHA ACT Branch)
  • Best Restaurant (Lodging) – Buvette (AHA ACT Branch)
  • Lodging Member of the Year – Justin Higgins (AHA ACT Branch)
  • Wedding Caterer of the Year (Restaurant & Catering ACT Awards for Excellence), and
  • Event Caterer of the Year (Restaurant & Catering ACT Awards for Excellence)

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