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It has not been an easy year for people who love to travel and discover new places, but no one can stop us from traveling with our imaginations. And here are four of our favorite hotel and restaurant projects from those released in 2021.
We start in Taiwan, where CCD or Cheng Chung design established Resonance Taipei Hotel, the first Hilton Tapestry Collection hotel in the Asia-Pacific region. Located in Happy Village, Zhongzheng District of Taipei, the hotel offers a fascinating combination of the brand’s international character with the city’s unique atmosphere and memorabilia, closely linked to the film industry. Celluloid is an essential by-product of camphor trees, as well as the material of the film, and at its peak, Taiwan produced 80% of the world’s celluloid: hence the theme “Film Box”, interpreted in the project on a number of levels, from the lobby to hotel rooms. With good reason, CCD sees hotels as movie sets, in which guests write and perform their own stories.
Our second stop is Casablanca, Morocco, where the international studio RECS Architects designed Il Ferrarino restaurant: a place to taste Italian cuisine that combines the traditions and designs of both countries in an elegant setting where colorful accents are carefully balanced in a delicately reclaimed space. This is not just a project to reclaim an existing space, but a project that generates added value for the neighborhood, because it benefits from the dynamics of a new restaurant that brings the neighborhood back to life.
The city of Turin is home to the second project carried out in Italy by the Spanish creative design studio Maskspacio, directed by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Turin’s location hair bun is the latest addition to the Milanese hamburger chain, whose restaurants use inviting colors to create a cozy atmosphere. Pink and blue, in a space simulating a huge swimming pool, with appropriately designed furnishings, the new restaurant is a fun place to grab a quick bite.
We end our tour in Seattle, USA. the Civic hotel is located near the iconic Seattle Space Needle in South Lake Union. What was an outdated motel built in 1962 has come back to life as a boutique hotel after careful renovations by a local studio Wittman Estes. The architects reinvented the building with modern interiors and exteriors in the spirit of jet travel, optimism and an unusual combination of technology and nature. Inspired by the theme of lightness, speed, flight and connections with nature, the Civic Hotel has a fresh and contemporary look containing elegant references to the original spirit of the original mid-20th century construction, for a truly remarkable visit.

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