Take a look at alternative areas of Milan for the new stadium and proximity to the city center

AC Milan and Inter are still battling with the city council over the construction of a new stadium in the San Siro district. With this proving to be very difficult, clubs are also exploring other potential areas.

This was reported by Corriere Della Sera (via MilanNews) a few days ago, stating that clubs are also considering the following areas: Sesto San Giovanni, San Donato and Segrate. All located near the city center, but not under the jurisdiction of the town hall.

We decided to review all three areas in our newsletter earlier this week (subscribe here) and what is the current transport situation for each of them.

➤ Sesto San Giovanni: This district is located about 20 minutes from the city center, connected to the Duomo by metro line 1. In other words, he’s very close to the city and that’s something Milan and Inter obviously have to prioritize.

➤ San Donato: This district is located about 15 minutes from the city center, connected to the Duomo by metro line 3. Once again we used the Duomo as a reference point to make things easier. It is also quite close to Linate airport which could be useful.

➤ Segrate: this area is currently not accessible by metro, but there are plans to extend line 4 (soon to operate) which currently stops at Linate. If this ends up happening, the travel time should be similar to the others.

The priority, of course, remains to convince the council to approve the project for the San Siro area. If it ends up taking too long, nothing should be ruled out.

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