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After 10 years with luxury Italian fashion brand Marni, Molly Molloy co-founded maximalist homeware and clothing brand Colville in 2018. Her designs are eclectic and full of character, but value individuality and longevity. rather than novelty. Here, Milan-based Molloy shares her weekend plans in Venice, her favorite bakery and what her partner loves for breakfast.

Where will we meet you this weekend?
I’ll be on my friend’s boat on the Venice Lagoon, hopping up and down for lunch and swimming.

Ideal to start on a Sunday? Soft or jerk?
Always sweet. I like to relax during the day.

What’s for breakfast?
Most Sundays it’s scrambled eggs and HP sauce on toast. My Italian boyfriend loves it.

Lunch inside or outside?
Lunch at the Pasticceria Sissi in Milan. It’s just around the corner from my apartment and everything is divine. To finish, I often receive a croissant filled with pastry cream.

An exercise ?
I’m still trying to adapt to swimming – and steaming.

A Sunday soundtrack?
“Something on Your Mind” by Karen Dalton.

Essential Sunday?
There is a big flea market every last Sunday of the month in the Navigli district of Milan. It’s rare that I go home empty-handed.

News or not?
Yes, this is the day I have to read a whole article, not just the first paragraph.

A glass of something?
If there’s a good primitivo open, I’ll definitely have a drink.

What is on the menu?
Right now it’s my boyfriend’s summer pasta with finely chopped raw onions, capers, olives, datterini tomatoes and mozzarella. It’s delicious and the perfect way to end a Sunday.

Sunday night routine?
I really try to relax on Sunday nights, so I read or watch a movie and walk the dog.

Are you preparing Monday’s outfit?
I never prepare the night before. If I do, I’ll have changed my mind by morning. I will follow the current Monday morning.

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