Storylines’ New Residential Cruise Ship Offers Full-Time Sailing

Even the most adventurous travelers may feel like sleeping in their own bed after a while. But Alister Punton, co-founder and CEO of Storylines, which will launch its first residential cruise ship in 2024 from Croatia, has a solution for that.

“Well, you take your house with you,” Punton told USA TODAY, who started the business with CSO Shannon Lee.

The ship, MV Narrative, will include 547 residences and a range of amenities. The ship will sail to six continents, and residents can treat the units as floating bases or year-round homes, so their journeys never have to end. Here’s what travelers can expect.

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What can travelers expect from MV Narrative?

In the vein of other residential ships like The World, a private residential yacht, MV Narrative will travel the world. Although itineraries are yet to be finalized, destinations will likely include Rome and Naples in Italy, the Greek island of Santorini and Split in Croatia, among others.

The MV Narrative will spend three to five days in most ports, Punton said, giving those on board more time to experience than they would on a typical cruise. They can also affect routes.

The ship has 547 residences on board.

Units range from one to four bedrooms, the majority of which have balconies, and residents can choose from “coastal or contemporary interior design styles,” according to a press release. There are 20 restaurants and bars on board, as well as a microbrewery, three swimming pools, bowling, fitness and medical facilities, and other amenities.

The ship will also offer a youth education program that can serve as a school for children on board.

“What better way to learn about the Roman Empire than to stand in the Colosseum with a Roman historian?” said Ponton.

With a focus on sustainability, MV Narrative uses cleaner-burning liquefied natural gas, and will feature a solar-powered hydroponic garden on board as well as a waste-free farmers market.

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How much does MV Narrative cost?

Residencies start at $1 million for the life of the ship, according to a press release, and can go up to $8 million. There are also 24-year leases, which start at around $616,000, according to the Storylines website.

Residents also must pay an all-inclusive fee that covers most meals, housekeeping, Wi-Fi, laundry service, gratuities, and more.

These fees start at $61,564 per year for a 237 square foot indoor studio and vary based on unit price. Punton noted that residents can rent out their homes when not in use. Financing is also available.

The ship will have a private marina.

What else should travelers know?

The MV Narrative has accessible common areas designed to accommodate wheelchair users. Storylines can also provide ADA-compliant wheelchair-accessible residences, though these are offered as a “unit upgrade,” according to its website. Travelers can find out more about costs and availability by emailing [email protected]

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