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At Stanley Tucci: In Search of Italy, the actor travels the country tasting delicacies such as tagliatelle bolognese, cacio e pepe, cotoletta alla milanes, etc. For his latest gig, however, he’s promoting another kind of staple of Italian cuisine: San Pellegrino. “When you think of sitting at a table in Italy, you instantly imagine a bottle of wine and the classic green bottle of San Pellegrino,” says Tucci. AD.

The Stan Pellegrino Gift Set.

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the the devil wears Prada appears in a new ad for the iconic mineral water, which he says he’s been drinking since graduating from college. (When asked to answer the age-old “still or bubbly?” question, he replies, “Usually both!”) The brand has also created a gift set in honor of Tucci, which includes a bottle engraved with his signature and was nicknamed the “Stan Pellegrino”.

Tucci traveled to San Pellegrino Terme in Italy’s Lombardy region to film the commercial. The tiny village – and the source of the famous water – might not be first on an American tourist’s radar, but there are plenty of reasons to visit, especially for architecture buffs. (For the record, Tucci recommends Florence as a great base for first-time visitors to Italy. “It’s small, very walkable, and has incredible history and great food and wine.”)

“San Pellegrino has long been a staple in my kitchen and at my table, two places where so many precious moments come to life,” says Tucci. “I am thrilled to partner with San Pellegrino to spread our mutual affection for all things Italian.”

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San Pellegrino Terme is home to Art Nouveau buildings like the San Pellegrino Casino, a wedding and event venue completed in 1906. Heavily decorated inside and out, it has a large lobby with a split staircase massive, columns and intricate statues and frescoes. “The Casino is beautiful, and the filming [there] was really fun,” Tucci says. It has been restored in recent years, as have other Italian Art Nouveau (also known as Liberty Style) buildings in the city, such as the Grand Hotel, a large orange building that sits on the banks of the Brembo River, and QC Terme, a spa with natural thermal baths.

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