SKY express launches new flight between Athens and Munich

LONDON – Greek carrier SKY express recently inaugurated its new service between Athens, Greece and Munich, Germany.

The new course

Most recently, on October 27, the Greek carrier SKY express inaugurated a new route between the Greek capital Athens and Munich, Germany.

The new route offers service five times a week, over highly competitive terrain, with Aegean and Lufthansa serving the same route.

After the inaugural flight landed, Munich airport officials greeted the new airline and its customers wearing traditional outfits, offering local sweets upon disembarkation, as well as a water cannon salute.

SKY express has been hard at work over the past few months, significantly expanding its route offering, and this new route is no exception, as it further increases connectivity between the two destinations, offering 34 Greek destinations as well as Cyprus, from Munich with connectivity offered.

On the service, SKY express offers three types of fares to suit your needs and preferences, the types of fares being; “SKY joy”, “SKY joy+” and “SKY enjoy”.

The new route is just one of the new destinations SKY express has announced this year.


Mr. Vassilis Krasanakis, Head of Network Planning and Pricing at SKY express, commented on the inauguration saying:-

“We at SKY express are proud of the inclusion of the Bavarian capital in our flight schedule. A destination with a special bond with the Greek international community, which was part of the airline’s plan from the start.

“Direct flights five days a week, all year round, greatly improve connectivity by offering passengers from Athens or Munich the best conditions and of course the most modern fleet in Greece and one of the most environmentally friendly. ‘environment in Europe’

Munich Airport’s Vice President of Route and Passenger Development Thomas Kube also commented:-

“Greece and Bavaria not only share the colors of the white and blue flag, but also strong cultural ties.”

“With this in mind, Munich Airport is very proud that our new carrier, SKY express, with its modern fleet, connects our two capitals. Both airports can now provide significantly improved connectivity that will facilitate and boost air travel between Greece and Germany.

One of the few new routes

As mentioned, this is just one of the few new SKY express routes announced this year, the two most recent two weeks ago being Athens to Sofia, Bulgaria and Athens to Milan, Italy.

The first flight for the new Athens-Milan route took off on October 26, with the new destination officially announced two days earlier by SKY express.

This route, in itself, has increased the destination offers for the carrier’s customers, given that SKY express already serves Fiumicino in Rome, which also obtained a frequency increase with the same announcement for daily flights.

On November 2, SKY express also inaugurated its new service to the Bulgarian city of Sofia, which operates five times a week.

To this, Mr. Vassilis Krasanakis also commented:-

“Today we are announcing the expansion of our flight program to a strategic area with strong ties to Greece in terms of hospitality and entrepreneurship.”

“We are delighted for two reasons; shortly after our first international flight, we spread our wings to the 10th international destination which we serve all year round with the newest and greenest fleet in Greece.

“This can only give us new momentum for the next steps in SKY express’s long-term plan.”

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