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Born in Forest Reefs and educated in Orange, Saffrine Nydegger has traveled the world for decades taking fashion, travel and lifestyle photographs on a professional level.

From Fashion Weeks in Sydney and New York, and a stint in New York City as a wedding and lifestyle photographer, Ms. Nydegger has enjoyed the exciting world of fashion and photography.

This eye for design and fashion, and a fascination with the Chinese production economy, led her to create her own line of clothing.

“My husband and I moved to China seven years ago and started our family there, so it was a bit difficult to do photography with young children,” she said.

“So I started printing some pictures on fabric, making draperies and clothes from those prints, that’s how it all happened.”

The decision to merge her loves for photography, travel and fashion worked well in China where she had a team working on the designs, printing and production of a unique line of women’s clothing.

Her clothing features images from her large catalog of images ranging from the vastness of the New York skyline to close-ups of local acacia trees in bloom.

Being based in China has created its own problem, however, and is why Ms Nydegger’s next show of her clothes will take place in Millthorpe Blue’s unique lounge on Thursday night.

“I came home with the kids in December 2019 to visit my dad at Forest Reefs for Christmas,” she said. “Then we decided to stay a few more weeks because it was so sunny.”

“My husband decided to stay in China because it was fashion week there and at that time he told us to stay here because there were some stupid things going around the country at this moment.

“So he’s still in China and we’ve been here for almost two years now. We’ve all settled down now with the kids from Millthorpe Public School and are living on the farm with the new dog.”

The Millthorpe Blue show exhibit is full but the ‘Saffrine’ clothing line is available in the store.


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