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Russell Crowe is suppressing online backlash after posting photos of a private Sistine Chapel tour on Twitter.

The Australian actor, who played Maximus in Gladiator, kept fans up to date on his travels through Italy via a series of photos and jokes posted on his Twitter. As you can imagine, they are a bit delicious.

“Take the kids to see my old office,” he said in a Tweet, along with a photo of the actor posing in front of the Colosseum.

“An old movie poster I found,” he said, referring to an ancient Roman fresco.

However, it seems that not everyone shares our enthusiasm for Gladiator references.

Crowe was blessed with a private tour of the Sistine Chapel with his family, posting a touching series of Tweets that received an unexpected response.

“I’m not sure there’s a more special privilege in the world than to hold the key to the Sistine Chapel and live its glory in silence. So grateful. Sono al servicio di Roma,” he said, posting a series of images from inside the chapel.

It was a special visit for Crowe, who said in a separate Tweets thread that his mother visited the Vatican Museum more than 20 years ago with his father, who died in 2021.

“This time, with arrangements in place, we pushed her [Crowe’s mum] in a wheelchair in these same corridors. No crowds of tourists, just us. My father passed away in 2021, but of course every fascinating hallway has its memories for her, directly associated with him,” he said.

Crowe then described a touching experience where he and his mother overheard the Swiss Guard rehearsing a song that had been played at his father’s funeral.

“Of all the songs, of all the times… how? I looked at my mother, she looked at me. The presence of my father overwhelmed us both. She gave a little cry and I kissed her on the head. He was with her,” he continued.

“If you’re lucky enough to have your parents around, take care of them. Call, visit, show them love.

Despite the actor’s heartfelt words, commentators were quick to point out that Crowe broke an important rule.

“You can’t take pictures, or at least we normal humans can’t,” said one commentator in Italian.

“So the church gives privileges to the rich and famous, why the plebs have to line up and swelter in the heat. It doesn’t matter to take pictures. By the way, did you arrive by private jet? Just curious because of the global climate emergency and everything,” another said.

A commentator jumped to Crowe’s defense;

“Normally, I would be fine with this type of privileged treatment complaint,” they said.

“But this man, Russell Crowe, has given Rome more than he could ever pay in a lifetime by making Rome a bigger vacation destination than it already was.”

According to New Zealand Heraldit is forbidden to take pictures in the Sistine Chapel not to protect the works from camera flashes, but because of a Japanese TV channel.

Apparently, in 1980, Vatican officials needed $4.8 million to restore Michelangelo’s five-century-old works of art.

A Japanese network called the Nippon Corporation agreed to cover the costs in exchange for exclusive recording and photography rights to the chapel.

Featured Image: Twitter/@russellcrowe

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