Remembering How To Travel Solo Again: Women Traveling Podcast

THE: And there are experts who are very keen and ready to give this help and would love to take your travel money.

MC: Exactly. Something that fuels the benefits of a group trip is that you automatically have a group of friends, new people to meet, when you take your solo trip. And I think a lot of times, especially the four of us on this call, when we go on a work trip – most of the time on our own – we have to talk with strangers to figure out the story. And so I feel like sometimes we’re mostly meant to make friends with strangers on the road. What are your top tips for meeting people so that you have people to talk to, whether you’re at the bar or on a group trip or whatever, what are your, I don’t know, friend choices towards the top of the lines? How do you meet people on the road when you are alone?

HP: Give a compliment. I think this is the best advice I’ve ever received for talking to strangers, and it doesn’t always work. But you know what? If the person doesn’t engage with you, what’s the worst thing that has happened? You gave someone a compliment, you probably made them feel good about themselves. And then you can turn to the next person and give them a compliment and see if it works. So I feel like it’s a good, easy, win-win, low-stakes way to do it.

MT: I feel like I made a lot of travel buddies just sitting in a bar, sitting in a restaurant, and just saying, “Did you do this thing? Have you checked out this popular spot? What else did you do I feel like it just sparked a conversation, and it’s been a successful pickup line for friends.

THE: Actually it’s funny I was talking to a friend who is currently in Costa Rica. And she said, “If there’s one common ground that everyone has right now, it’s this pandemic. Everyone knows what you are talking about. So if you don’t have anything else in common, this weird, horrible thing that’s happened to all of us is that common thread right now.

MC: And I feel like when you’re already on a solo trip you’ve already taken the leap to get comfortable and comfortable on your own, and you’re trying new things, so pull the neck. and say hello to the person next to you or ask … what I really miss the most is being in a restaurant and asking at the table next to me what they ordered, what which is usually how I choose what I want to eat. And so I think you’re already halfway there when you’re on a solo trip, to say hello to the person next to you. So I think it can be anxiety-provoking, but you just have to remember that you’ve already walked through the door so you’re miles ahead of everyone else.

THE: Hannah, given that you were just recently traveling with a group, although I have been on group trips before, one thing that I struggled with is that, especially if you were traveling solo but you be part of this group too, there are times when you really want to spend some time alone. How do you find a polite way to do this outing or to prioritize yourself when you are also in a group dynamic?

HP: I love it because it’s so real, and it’s something I had to navigate all weekend. It is therefore a priority for me. If you’re part of a group of people you don’t know, it’s obviously much easier to politely apologize. You need to make sure that there is individual time stamped into your itinerary. This is the first step, that there must be some kind of free time. So at intermission, this retreat I was at, they had pretty much every afternoon off. The mornings were super busy, the afternoons were free. So people would go to the pool in groups, people would go back to their cabins and take a nap with the people they were staying with, whatever. And I feel like this is the easiest time if you are someone who feels socially uncomfortable or not sure how to take that time for yourself, during free time. , this is the easiest time to slip away. You don’t owe anyone anything, you don’t need to tell anyone where you are going, especially if you are dating people you knew before the trip. It’s totally normal for you to just walk away and do your own thing for an hour or two, or even three or four.

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