Prince Albert II of Monaco, multiple honorary citizen in Italy and tribute to his mother Grace Kelly | Roxane Anton

Prince Albert II of Monaco continues his cultural and honorary trip to Italy.

Today, April 23, he landed in Genoa, northern Italy, on the Ligurian Sea, to pay homage to the beautiful and famous flower exhibition, Euroflora.

Prince Albert opened this year’s edition with a speech in Italian and received honorary citizenship of Genoa.

“It is a great joy to receive honorary citizenship of the city of Genoa because the story of my ancestors began there,” Prince Albert said today, in Genoa, on television and the Italian press. (The source:

The Prince paid tribute to his wonderful mother, Grace Kelly, remembering her first inaugural visit in 1966 when the Euroflora event took off. The Princess of Monaco had developed a real passion for flowers which she cultivated throughout her life, with art exhibitions and more. (The source:

In addition, Albert’s visit to Genoa aims to strengthen cultural and economic relations with the Serenissima, as a neighbor of the Principality of Monaco. “It all started here,” he said, recalling a piece of the shared history of Genoa and Monaco, about the Grimaldi family who ruled Monaco in the 13th century. Since then, relations between the two “cousins”, Genoa and Monaco, have continued to be strong.

“My ancestors have long maintained economic and cultural relations with their Genoese cousins. Genoa was an extraordinary laboratory of artistic creations from the 16th to the 18th century and has remained a pole of attraction.” (The source:

This year’s edition of Euroflora has many main themes: 18 panoramic fountains, sustainability and environmentally friendly behavior, and a 3,000 meter promenade among exhibitor installations from around the world. The flower show has just started. (The source:

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