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(Vax before the trip)

The leaders of the city of Paris, France, have confirmed their intention to ban private vehicles from the city center by 2024. A peaceful zone “will be created for which traffic will be limited and traffic reserved for certain categories of vehicles”.

A limited traffic zone (ZTL) will include Paris Center (1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd 4 th ) and the part of the left bank located north of Boulevard Saint-Germain (5 th , 6 th , 7 th ).

Discussions are also underway on changes to the traffic plan for the Marais district to calm traffic there.

The main objectives of the ZTL are:

  • Rebalancing public space for the benefit of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users, when nearly 50% of public space is still intended for the car today

  • Reduce the volume and speed of motorized vehicles on the territory to facilitate and secure travel on foot and by bike

  • Facilitate the movement of residents, traders and public services

  • Provide more welcoming streets where residents of all ages can meet, chat and play safely for the youngest.

ZTLs are already used by several cities in France and in Madrid, Milan and Rome to reduce the flow of vehicles in the city centre.

In parallel with this project, the City of Paris has initiated the “Embellish Your Neighborhood” approach throughout its territory to transform the spaces of your daily life.

For example, more vegetation, pedestrian zones, cycle paths or even furniture adapted to new uses could be implemented following consultation processes at the neighborhood level.

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