‘Of all the meals I have had, I always come back to a spaghetti carbonara that I ate in Rome’


I went to Florence when I was 12 for a year

I had never been abroad before. I think we had been to Manhattan a couple of times and had been to Vermont. Italy grew a love of art that was already there. Because my dad is an artist, I’ve always been quite sensitive to this: I would go to the classroom when he was teaching in summer school and spend time there with him. When you go to Florence, however, you see the kind of art you never dreamed of existed.

We started shooting my TV series in Italy in 2019 and continued last year

It was a great joy. I can’t wait to go back and do it again. Of all the memorable meals I have had, I always come back to the spaghetti carbonara that I ate at a restaurant called Pommidoro in Rome because it was extraordinary – just the quality of the ingredients; the simplicity of it. It was unlike any carbonara I have ever tasted.

There is no model for my trip – and that’s the problem

As an actor, you never know what’s going on at a certain point, so I haven’t planned the vacation much. Suddenly you would think, “Oh wait, I think I have a window here” and then you would. There was also a part of me that didn’t really want to go on vacation because I had traveled a lot for work. I don’t do it anymore, so I can be a little more demanding. I find projects that I can do from home, or by traveling very little time, because I don’t want to leave my family. When I was younger I used to commute a lot between New York and Los Angeles and it takes its toll on you.

In the past, we would usually go to Italy for a few weeks in the summer and rent a house in Umbria or the Marche.

But we also went once to Sicily and Puglia. With the pandemic we went on vacation to England and recently visited the Cotswolds. In fact, we are going back in a few weeks.


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