New sleeper train could link Scotland to Paris, Barcelona and Rome

A new overnight train could carry passengers from Scotland to various European cities as part of an exciting new proposal.

The rail network would connect the UK to places such as Paris, Barcelona, ​​Berlin and Rome as a low-carbon alternative to flying.

Exciting plans have been put forward by the German Green Party which wants 40 berth services to connect cities and resorts, including Edinburgh.

Some of the routes offered by the party are Edinburgh to Paris, Berlin to Rome and Oslo to Prague.

The new German sleeper train will offer another interesting route: Glasgow or Edinburgh to Frankfurt.

The service, stopping in London and Paris, is the most ambitious route, with the journey from Scotland to Germany taking around 14 hours.

New plans for the rail network

Sleeper trains were driven to extinction after low-cost carriers offered travelers a cheaper and faster alternative by air.

Scotland currently operates an overnight train to London, the Caledonian Sleeper, allowing you to travel six days a week.

The new German train would mean the return of night services across Europe.

Lorna Slater, Scottish Greens co-leader, said: “See how cool the future can be?

“There is no need to go back to the current situation, we can make things better.”

The President of the Greens in the European Parliament, Terry Reintke, tweeted: “What a dream. A night train from Frankfurt to Edinburgh.”

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