Neena and Masaba Gupta enjoy holiday in Italy, proud mum remarks, ‘Betis are the best’

The bond between a mother and a daughter is unique among all other types of relationships. Daughters become their mothers’ greatest guide, while mothers become their daughters’ greatest protectors. Thus, their bond is always special.

Sharing a similar unbreakable bond, veteran actress, Neena Gupta and her daughter, Masaba Gupta. Both Neena and Masaba are known to share a bond that makes them appear more like best friends and not just mother and daughter. They even featured in a series based on real life, masaba masabawhere their real, real bond captured the hearts of the audience.

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mother Daughter

Neena Gupta, who is very active on social media, recently shared a glimpse of the beautiful time she spent with her daughter, while vacationing in Italy. The music video featured Neena’s voice in the background, and she could be heard saying:

“It’s Florence. We’re sitting outside a hotel, having dinner. It’s so beautiful. The food is so beautiful and I’m with my very beautiful daughter.”

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In the video, the duo can be seen enjoying a meal together in the city of Florence. Masaba and her mother, Neena, wore comfortable, casual outfits. Neena Gupta captioned the clip as follows:

Sach Kahun Toh, “Betis are the best!” @masabagupta


Neena Gupta’s rather cute social media affirmation is loved by all her fans. Her daughter, Masaba Gupta, was quick to comment and respond to the post shared by her mother, and added to this lovely joke. Masaba wrote:

“More like a stressed beautiful girl”

mother Daughter

Well, we sure love these fun banter and adorable bonding between this cool mother-daughter duo.

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