Many hotel prices in Europe are cheaper than before the pandemic

In France, but also in the United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain, inflation is so high that it absorbs the rise in the price of hotel rooms. As a result, despite rate increases, many hotel stays are now cheaper than before the pandemic. However, this is not the case throughout Europe. By Travel + Leisure

How inflation affects hotel prices in Europe

Are hotel stays more expensive than before the pandemic, an atypical period which completely froze all tourist activity? According to an analytical study conducted by the data firm Mabrianthe increase in hotel prices in France compared to 2019 mainly concerned five-star establishments, reaching +20%.

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Respectively, rates for three- and four-star hotels increased by 2% and 5%. At the same time, the study looked at the rate of inflation between July 2019 and June 2022 to see if a night in a hotel now really costs us more. With inflation estimated at 7.83%, the answer is no for the French three and four stars. This is also the case for all categories of hotels in Spain, where inflation is 13.55%.

In the United Kingdom, the phenomenon is further aggravated by a drop in rates in the four and five star hotel categories (by 1% and 12% respectively). In Portugal, the rise in prices for four-star hotels remained below inflation, while prices for three-star hotels even fell. In Italy, the opposite effect is observed. When inflation is taken into account, at 9.12%, it is the most luxurious establishments (four and five stars) that are the least expensive compared to 2019. On the other hand, Italian three-star hotels show an increase of 27% of tariffs, far exceeding the inflation threshold.

Greece is the exception

However, not all European destinations see this effect. Hotel stays in Greece are indeed much more expensive than in the past. Five-star hotel rates skyrocketed 134%. The increase is estimated at 82% for four-star establishments and +31% for three-star hotels. Meanwhile, between 2019 and 2022, inflation in the country is estimated at 6.87%. As such, Greece may not be the best option for a cheap hotel stay in the summer of 2022.

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