Inside Italy’s Underground Psychedelic Temple

In the foothills of the Italian Alps lies the Valchiusella Valley. The valley is home the eighth wonder of the worldwho was previously buried and remained secret for 16 years.

8th wonder of the world

Interior of the “Temples of Humanity” Léonello Bertolucci/Getty Images

The stunning work of art, 100 feet underground and hidden from public view, was compared to the ancient city of Atlantis. Its chambers have been compared to the Egyptian pyramids.

Oberto Airaudi, writer, clairvoyant and pranotherapist who was driven by psychedelic spiritual visionsbuilt it in Vidracco in 1975 (about 47 years ago).

Damanhur, an eco society is a self-managed ethical and spiritual organization which has its own currency, owns this 8th wonder of the world. The Temples are a spectacle; they are colorful and filled with light with intricate but beautiful hidden structures, corridors, nooks and chambers.

Temples of Humanity

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Fascinating archaeological facts

Secret Temples of Damanhur
  1. The temples of Damanhur are composed of nine chambers divided into five floors
  2. Some rooms have 25-foot ceilings
  3. 300,000 cubic feet are occupied by bedrooms
  4. Over a period of 15 years, only 150 volunteers worked
  5. Designed and made by a former insurance salesman from Northern Italy (now 57 years old)

The painstaking work demonstrates that man can still build something amazing without harming the environment. The Temples of Humanity are visible all year round.

The Hall of Spheres, interior of the “Temples of Humanity” Léonello Bertolucci/Getty Images

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