Inside Addison Rae’s glamorous and Versace-filled trip to Italy


Addison Rae’s time at the front row at Versace was a dream come true. For Rae, it was the experience of a lifetime, and everything from Piazza Lina Bo Bardi, to her monochromatic magenta look that she wore to admire Donatella’s latest collection suited her perfectly. “I am very grateful to Donatella and the whole team at Versace,” she says. “[They] made my first real fashion week experience so special. “

The social media and music star’s first trip to Italy went off without a hitch. Abroad, she tasted Milan Fashion Week, a trip to the exclusive Fendace event, and some delicious Italian food. The fun started with the fittings, where Rae tried on an exceptional magenta mini dress from the Fall / Winter 2021 collection and a series of monochrome accessories, all specially selected for her by Donatella. “What I wore on the show perfectly matches my personality,” says Rae. “[It] generally suits me; we didn’t even have to make any changes! “

While her collection wishlist includes the figure-hugging, cutout-laden black dress worn on the runway by model Rianne Van Rompaey, the highlight of Rae’s front row experience was a model observation. “Seeing Naomi Campbell was crazy,” she says. While watching stars like Campbell and opener Dua Lipa strut the track, Rae was blown away by the dynamic energy of Versace’s spring vision. “I would describe the Versace look as strong and vibrant,” she says. “Loved all the bright colors and amazing designs – Donatella is a genius!”

Here the star takes Vogue with her for her Italian getaway from ice cream breaks to a visit to Gianni Versace’s private residence.


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