How much would you pay for two cocktails and crab legs? Greek restaurant says $1000

Exorbitant prices are not uncommon in Mykonos (file photo).


Exorbitant prices are not uncommon in Mykonos (file photo).

A shocked American tourist plans to turn himself in to police on the Greek island of Mykonos after being charged nearly NZ$1,000 for two cocktails and a snack at a beach restaurant.

The huge cost also included a tip of NZ$129.

Sky-high prices are not uncommon in Mykonos, but even by most standards this bill left a bad taste.

The anonymous tourist was with her daughter when she sat down at the restaurant.

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In messages to her travel agent and reported by Proto Thema, the woman ordered two drinks and crab legs and sat on deckchairs on the beach for up to three hours.

“While we knew that the bill would not exceed €200, suddenly they asked us to pay €600! In fact, they put three men ahead of us when I refused to pay because what they were asking was outrageous,” the outlet reported.

The receipt showed a charge of €520.80 (NZ$861) plus €78.12 (NZ$129) tip.

Talking to locals, she found out that it wasn’t the first time an incident like this had happened at the restaurant. The name of the establishment has not been disclosed.

Before the pandemic, prices in Mykonos were often featured in lackluster reviews.

In 2019, a visitor from New York shared a picture on TripAdvisor of a receipt showing he was charged €591 for the six servings of calamari, €150 for the beers and €59.40 for the Caesar salads. A €18 tomato juice and two €17.80 bottles of water brought the total bill to €836.20 (NZ$1382).

At the same restaurant, another diner also complained about a bill of €713 for two diners which included €78 for grilled chicken.

Mykonos is not alone in being accused of price gouging.

A restaurant in Rome that allegedly charged nearly $140 for two burgers and three coffees has received so many online reviews that TripAdvisor has temporarily put a stop to it.

Elsewhere in Rome, two Japanese tourists said they were scammed after being charged €349.80 for two plates of spaghetti and fish and two glasses of water.

In 2017, a British tourist wrote to the mayor of Venice after receiving a bill for €526 for lunch.

And in 2018, a restaurant in Venice allegedly charged four tourists $1,800 for a meal, sparking outrage and prompting the city’s mayor to call for an investigation.

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