Hotels and resorts in Slovenia are almost fully booked for the Easter holidays and May Day

Slovenian hotel facilities are almost entirely reserved for the Easter and Labor Day holidays. The country is already seeing city tourism gaining traction after many tourist activities came to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, reports

According to Sava Group, Slovenia’s largest tourist accommodation provider, bookings have returned to levels similar to those recorded in the year before the COVID-19 pandemic began. In addition, their capacities are reserved up to 90% of the upcoming holidays, Easter and May 1st.

Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Serbia are where most of the guests come from to spend their holidays in this country.

The company also hopes that air traffic with other countries further away from Slovenia will get back on track.

The coastal region of Primorska is already regaining foreign visitors following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, which previously accounted for 75% of the region’s tourist activity.

The Easter holidays usually have an increase in foreign guests, while most of the guests making reservations are Slovenians for the Labor Day holidays.

A similar trend with Austrian, Italian and German customers is marked by the Kranjska Gora ski center. About 75% of the capacity is already reserved. They see an upward trend in last-minute bookings and expect an influx of Slovenian customers when the coupons expire.

On the other hand, visitors from the Benelux countries are hesitant to book due to the war in Ukraine.

Representatives of Bled Tourism have shown that they are also happy with the number of reservations as they are almost fully booked.

The guests who visit Lake Bled the most are Croatians, Italians, Hungarians and Germans.

Meanwhile, the resort near Lake Bohinj isn’t seeing much growth and is busy with just 60% of capacity booked, but local tourism providers are waiting for business to get back on track over the summer.

The President of the Association of Slovenian Hoteliers and Head of Hotel Slon in Ljubljana, Gregor Jamnik, announced that city tourism in Ljubljana and Maribor has been one of the most affected areas during the pandemic, adding that these last weeks, these regions have seen some positive trends.

In contrast, Slon recorded 80% of its reserved capacity for Easter and 50% for Labor Day.

“We are very happy that the headlines are no longer full of Covid. Unfortunately, there is war in Ukraine, but for now it is not affecting us as negatively as we feared,” Jamnik pointed out in this regard.

He stressed that he was pleased with the return of British and American guests, who made up for the loss of income due to the absence of the Russians.

According to Jamnik, even though the season is going well, the fact that suppliers are increasing their prices every week is still a concern.

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