Harry hits a bar at a hotel in New York for $ 1,300 a night for two consecutive days, but Megan is nowhere to be found

Self-proclaimed eco-warriors Prince Harry and Megan Markle traveled to New York City for a day full of celebrity photo ops in a convoy of three gas SUVs.

The woke up couple went to One World Trade Center earlier this morning, took photos with Governor Kathy Hokul and Mayor Bill de Blasio, and walked towards the 9/11 memorial.

From there, they stopped at the luxurious Carlyle Hotel on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. First class suites cost a staggering $ 8,800 per night. The couple stayed there for a four-day trip and, after arriving at Big Apple from their California home, were seen having dinner at a trendy hotel restaurant on Wednesday night.

In the afternoon, they headed to the United Nations for a 40-minute meeting and had an “important discussion” with United Nations Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield on COVID-19, racial justice and mental health.

They will perform at the Global Citizen Concert on Saturday in Central Park, which focuses on vaccine equity.

It is currently unclear how they will spend the rest of Thursday and Friday.

Luxury city cars, including at least two Range Rovers and one Dark SUV, have CO2 emissions of 235 g / km per car. The couple have reportedly traveled at least 20 miles in New York City.

It is not known whether Harry and Megan traveled from their home in Montecito, away from Archie and Lillivet, three months, to a private plane or a commercial airline in New York City.

Just four months after Harry declared climate change “one of the most pressing issues we face”, the couple’s latest environmental rants are occurring.

Harry told Oprah Winfrey on Apple TV: ‘

But despite his climate change talk, Harry brought a $ 45 million private jet from a millionaire friend from Aspen, Colo., To Santa Barbara after attending a celebrity polo match in August. I took him home.

A two-hour flight that can emit up to 10 tonnes of CO2.

After Harry’s private jet trip in August, royal writer Tom Quinn said:

“Harry seems to see himself as a leader in other parts of the world, and his own actions seem irrelevant. It’s a huge blind spot.

Controversy erupted when Prince Charles challenged big business to join his crusade for action “before it’s finally too late”.

The successor to the throne says that humanity’s “only hope” is for business leaders to join world leaders in “magnificent battles” to avoid “climate disasters”.

The Prince of Wales wrote exclusively for the Daily Mail, saying: The Scariest Way. “

After flying to London in July, Harry returned to Los Angeles to enjoy an ultra-luxurious and luxurious private airport service called a private suite.

When he landed at LAX from London earlier this month, he sent a gorgeous gas-powered Chevrolet SUV to chase him away.

The PS service, which is said to be “the most VIP way through the airport”, is a step above first class and a step below the use of private jets.

Members who sign up for $ 4,500 per year and pay an additional $ 3,450 for a single trip get off the plane through their own stairs in front of other passengers, load behind their SUVs and go to a private terminal. to augment. They collect their luggage and go through passport management in superb isolation.

PS’s website describes itself as a “private airport experience” and states, “PS is redesigning the airport experience for veteran and discerning travelers. “

Harry had previously been criticized for using four private jets in 11 days, including the Climate Change Summit in Sicily.

That summer, Harry and Megan took Elton John’s private plane from Ibiza, who was on vacation with Archie, to the singer’s house in Nice, France.

This issue sparked a storm of controversy, especially when Harry launched his Travalyst ‘green’ travel initiative soon after. Sir Elton was faithfully angry at the “false” reviews and said he was offsetting the effects of travel with carbon offsets.

Later in the year, Harry claimed that “99%” of his flights were commercial after using scheduled flights to Amsterdam to promote travelers who plan to promote eco-friendly tourism. Made.

At this event, the prince refused to apologize for his private flights to Italy, France and Spain, saying:

“Sometimes I need an opportunity [to fly privately] It’s based on a unique situation to keep my family safe – it’s just as easy. For me, it’s a question of balance. It’s not the decision I want to make, but if I have to, I make sure to balance the impact I have.

At the time, Harry dismissed concerns about carbon dioxide emissions by donating to renewable energy incentives and claiming to “offset” the emissions by planting trees.

Harry hits a bar at a hotel in New York for $ 1,300 a night for two consecutive days, but Megan is nowhere to be found

Harry hits a bar at a hotel in New York for $ 1,300 a night for two consecutive days, but Megan is nowhere to be found

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