Hannah Gadsby cancels upcoming tour dates after injury

Hannah Gadsby is canceling her next shows, but keeping her sense of humor.

The Australian actress was to travel Europe with her new body of work tour after finishing the Australian leg, but unfortunately it has to cancel. She was also due to do an American leg of the tour after Europe.

Gadsby made a video on her Instagram announcing that she had to cancel her upcoming shows in Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Paris and Milan because she slipped on the ice and broke her leg in two places. She now uses a wheelchair while recovering.

“I went to Iceland and found out why it’s called Ice-land,” Gadsby said in the video. “I fell and broke my leg in two places. They made me put plates and screws. It hurts badly.

Even injured, Gadsby kept her sense of humor, joking about the relevance of ice sliding in Iceland and showing off her growing skills in wheelchair navigation. How could she keep this light attitude?

“That cheer you’re sensing right now?” This pep? she continued. “Medications. And they are running out.

“The shows don’t have to go on, I won’t break another leg,” she promised. “I’m fine, don’t panic. Watch your steps, stay safe, and I’ll get back to you soon. »

“I’m terribly sorry to miss you in January, but don’t worry, the show will go on,” she captioned the video. “Just later in the year. Stay tuned for updates…ok bye!

Apart from this new comedy special, body of work, Gadsby had a wonderful personal year. She also announced that she married her partner Jenney Shamash last year.

“I would like to introduce you all to Jenney Shamash. She is an amazingly talented producer. She is very funny and is really good at reciting facts. It’s a joy to behold,” she wrote at the time. “We got married in January and we’re so thrilled. For the record: This is me gushing.

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