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Key people

Franco Gattinoni, President Gattinoni Travel
Eros Candilotti, Commercial Director, Gattinoni Business Travel
Michela Bellomo, Business Travel Manager, Gattinoni Business Travel
Ian Sinderson, ATPI Managing Director
Adam Knights, Managing Director UK, Europe and Middle East
John Nixon, Global Director of Operations

Main sectors of activity

Banking and finance, agro-food, FMCG, automotive, pharmaceutical, industry, telecoms, sport, entertainment, marine, energy, media

Other services

MICE (ATPI Corporate Events), production and entertainment trips

type of company

Limited Liability Company

Transactions processed online

74% (Amex GBT), 90% (Egencia)

Office locations

Milan, Monza, Bologna and Rome, plus offices in over 100 locations worldwide

Membership of the association and the network

Lufthansa City Center

Full-time equivalent staff

100 (Italy), 2,500 (worldwide)

Average seniority

11 years old

Average industry experience

15 years old


Amadeus and Travelport

Online booking tools

Click4You Gattinoni, Amadeus cytric, Atriis, Serko, SAP Concur, TapTrip

Expense management tools

ATPI ExpenSys

Other technology

ATPI TravelHub, ATPI eProfile, ATPI Traveler Tracking System, ATPI Alerts, ATPI Analytics, ATPI On The Go, ATPI Crewlink, ATPI Travel Approval System, ATPI Billing System

CDN content

40+ airlines through the ATPI Ticket Window proprietary fare aggregation system and through OBTs using direct connect or TravelFusion APIs

Key innovations in 2021

Won IMA Award for Best Travel Management Agency and Best Call Center. ATPI Halo CO2 measurement, reduction and offset service.

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