From my city to yours: discovering the Roman style in the Monti district with fashion designer Tina Sondergaard


The Roman style is very different from, say, Milan. Sure, in a Prada or Gucci store, they would look at you weird if you wore something from last year, but Rome in general is not like that; you are free to wear whatever you want. There are definitely a lot more colors worn here; there is a lot more black in Milan, a bit like in Denmark.

I would say my style is a cross between Danish minimalism and Italian baroque. I use a lot of colors because I want a good mood. This area is full of artists, creatives and designers. It’s very international, but very Roman at the same time. At Monti, we’re a bit rebellious: if red is the “in” color this season, for example, then you won’t find red here.

Monti’s style is mainly what you would wear for an aperitif. People mix things up – they love to be creative, but they’re not intimidating or in your face about it. It’s more artistic: you can wear a pretty evening dress, but pair it with sneakers and a leather jacket. It’s a very human approach to fashion.

Visitors to Monti have done their research. They don’t want Prada or Gucci or whatever they can have in their house. Nowadays you can walk down a main street and you could be in Budapest, Stockholm or Madrid – they are full of the same brands. When I was younger we would buy something on vacation, knowing that no one else would have it at home. Now that is gone, but people know Monti is up to something different.


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