From hidden coves to nature reserves, Italy has the most beautiful beaches in Europe

From endless stretches of white sand to dramatic cliffs, Italy has the right beach for everyone.

But with over 7,500km of coastline to explore, it can be hard to know where to start.

If you’re paralyzed by your choices, fear not: new analysis from Premier Inn has revealed key trends seaside destinations of 2022.

The vacation provider studied trending data from 130 European beaches, analyzing the average number of monthly searches they received and the number of Pinterest boards they featured in.

The top rated beaches were all italianrevealed a Premier Inn spokeswoman.

“With summer approaching, many will be looking for travel and adventure. Italy has so much to offer, so we were eager to provide a handy guide for those looking for a beach vacation to start their journey. “, she explained.

So get your bathing suit on, put on some sunglasses and get ready to work on your tan: here are seven of the most beautiful coastal spots in Italy.

What are the trendiest beaches in Italy?

7. Sa Colonia Beach, Sardinia

A calm, sandy bay at the southern tip of Sardinia, Sa Colonia is not to be missed. One kilometer from the village of Setti Ballas, you know it must be good because the locals come here. . Climb to the viewpoint of the neighboring Torre Chia hotel for stunning views of the bay clear waters and golden sand.

6. Lido Fiori, Sicily

Visitors to the beach at Lido Fiori, near Menfi on the southern coast of Sicily, are guaranteed a refreshing swim – the bay has been awarded a ‘Blue Flag’ cleanliness certification by the Foundation for Water every year since 1998. environmental education. After swimming, relax with a delicious cocktail at the nearby Salisà Menfi beach bar.

5. Calamosche, Sicily

Sicily is full of great, uncrowded beaches, so it’s no surprise that two spots make it onto this list. The small bay of Calamosche 43 km south of Syracuse is known to Sicilian speakers as ‘Funni Musca’ – Reached via a 20-minute walk through a nature reserve, the cove’s serene waters are sheltered by two headlands rocky, guarding bronzers and swimmers sheltered from the wind.

4. Sperlonga beach, near Rome

A medieval village built on top of a cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Sperlonga is within day trip distance from Rome. After a swim in the big white sand beach nearby, explore the winding lanes and cafes of this quintessential Italian city.

3. Baia del Silenzio, Genoa

This quiet beach is at the center of the Lingurian seaside town of Sestri Levante, known to locals as “la città dei due mari” (“the city of two seas”). The so-called ‘Bay of Silence’ is surrounded by the town’s quaint old buildings and is a short walk from its cafes and bars.

2. Cala Violina, Tuscany

Want to get away from the crowd? You will have to hike two kilometers through the pristine nature Bandit of Scarlino nature reserve to reach this secluded cove. The walk is worth it: expect white sand, crystal clear waters and verdant woods.

1. Punta della Suina, Lecce

Officially Europe’s trendiest beach, this beloved spot is popular For a reason. Enjoy its soft golden sands and calm waters, or relax under the hot sun. There are areas where you don’t have to pay, but sun loungers and umbrellas can also be hired.

To get away from the crowds, look for one of the little coves further along the bay.

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