Former Hotel Worker Lists 5 Surprising Things She’ll Never Do In A Hotel Room

A former hotelier has explained the five things she will never do when staying in a hotel room, including keeping valuables in the safe and using the coffee machine.

Roze, from the United States but now living in Italy, shared a ICT Tac video of the do’s and don’ts after working in the hospitality industry for 15 years – and how you can claim a free late checkout.

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“Five things I’ve learned working in hotels… From safety tips to health awareness, the more you know, the better your travel experience will be. Be smart, not paranoid and you’ll have a great trip,” Rose said.

Upon arrival, Roze said she would never enter a hotel room without locking or locking the door behind it.

Roze explained the five things she will never do when staying in a hotel room. Credit: rozeinitaly/TikTok

Hotel rooms can easily be broken into, these card readers can be cloned easily. Anyone can have your room key — room service, housekeeping, and banquets,” she explained.

“Actually, I was surprised by accident. It was a maid who was going to clean the room but I hadn’t locked it and she just walked in.

“It Might Surprise You”

Roze cautioned against using the in-room safe to store valuables.

“It might surprise you – never use the safe in your room – it’s not safe in there,” she said.

“Just because you create your own little code doesn’t mean someone can’t break into it. Every hotel has a way to break into these safes.

“I’m not saying hotel staff would break in, but criminals have that information as well, but if someone loses the code or forgets to change it, hotel staff should be able to reset it.

“Always keep your most valuable items with you.”

However, if you need something valuable locked away, she suggested asking reception.

“They (might) have safes or something more secure behind reception where they’ll have a key you can take with you and you can access it when you need it,” she said.

She revealed the do’s and don’ts after working in the hospitality industry for 15 years. Credit: rozeinitaly/TikTok

Another thing she avoids doing is walking barefoot in her bedroom.

“I will never walk barefoot if there is carpet or even if there isn’t,” she said.

“Also, never put your bare body parts on the couch, duvet, pillows, extra blankets – these things aren’t washed very often – if at all.”

She urged travelers never to use the coffee machine in hotel rooms.

“People do weird things in there,” she said.

“They cook food there, who knows, but they are never cleaned. Maybe if it’s one of those pod machines… the ones I could use.

Never be afraid to ask

Once you are checked in she said you should never be afraid to ask for what you want or need in your room.

“If you wanted a king bed and they give you two beds, call downstairs, that might have been a mistake,” she said.

“If you forgot your toothbrush, toothpaste, or deodorant, it’s worth calling the front desk to see if they have any free items they could send to the room.”

Free late check out

Depending on where you are staying, Roze said she always asks reception for a free late check out.

“Personally, I always like to sleep late. I almost always ask for a late checkout – it’s worth asking,” she said.

“They can usually let you check out for free an hour or two after check out time.”

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