“Feel the spirit” of Rome’s history, culture and people

“Oh wow,” I say. “It’s – it’s the Pantheon.” I was amazed, once again, by Rome.

It was the second day of our trip to Rome and our first trip to Europe. The history of this city, the streets, the architecture, the culture, the people, the food, the sights, the smells, the sounds – got me. Everywhere we went – ​​a new discovery, a new memory. I hadn’t planned or expected to turn around the corner in a square and see the Pantheon. But there it was. Extraordinary.

Delta Italy Station Manager Erica Valt and Rome Customer Service Agent Monica Devito exuberantly share their passion for Rome with customers. “Coming to Rome is like taking a trip back in time, where you suddenly find yourself at the cradle of our history,” said Erica Valt, Delta Italy station manager.

Discover the Pantheon while exploring the streets and squares of Rome.

A few hours after our Delta flight arrived, we were exploring the Vatican. We had no plan. We have not booked any tours. We just wanted to go see what we could find. Entering St. Peter’s Basilica was overwhelming. Discovering by chance a Mass celebration and receiving the Eucharist there inspired my Catholic spirit. Following the crowds pressed into St. Peter’s Square where the Pope appeared from his window brought us into contact with the thousands of Romans, Italians and people of all faiths, cultures and nationalities gathered under the hot sun.

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Of course, there were also the delicious morning espressos. Share a bottle of wine, cacio e pepe and a relaxed conversation while dining al fresco. Wandering the streets. Filling our water bottles from the abundant nasoni (water fountains located throughout the city) – we were literally drinking Rome!

“Rome is the ‘Eternal City’ – a concentration of history, architecture, beauties, tasty food, wine, a pleasant climate and beautiful vistas,” Valt said.

After only two days in Rome, I had enough experiences and memories to fill an album. But there was so much more to explore. I hope some of my favorite Roman discoveries and local expert advice from Delta locals who live, work and love Rome will also inspire your trip.

Fall and winter in Rome

Erica Valt (right), Delta Italy Station Manager, explores the Vatican on a winter's day.
Erica Valt (right), Delta Italy Station Manager, explores the Vatican on a winter’s day.

There is no better time than the present to travel to Rome. “There is no ‘winter’ in Rome,” Valt said. “The weather is always absolutely pleasant and allows you to enjoy the city even more.”

Rome is a city that can be explored almost any time of the year. “Fall lets you enjoy the incredible colors of the season,” Valt said. “Winter will take you into the magic of Christmas combined with the magic of Rome.”

Things to do

As with many European cities, I found it best to start exploring. Choose a few points you want to see, draw a general direction and start walking. A few of my favorites:

  • The Roman Forum and the Colosseum. We explored them in the evening. (You’ll need to book a tour.) Ancient architecture in dim light has brought these icons of history to life in your imagination.
  • Villa Borghese. Stroll through the gardens, admire the art and sculptures. Admire the rooftops of Rome with Piazza del Popolo in the foreground from an elevated view.

Eating in Rome

Let’s face it: if you go to Italy, you will eat! More than that, this is a country where you EXPERIENCE food, and food is the texture of almost every experience.

“You can’t come to Rome without trying some of the most famous and delicious dishes that are definitely part of our culture,” said Monica Devito, Delta Rome’s customer service agent. Here is her guide to a day of culinary inspiration:

  • “Start your day with a cappuccino and a cornetto right in front of the Pantheon.”
  • Lose yourself in the cobblestone streets of Trastevere for a carbonara or an amatriciana, and in the Ghetto for an artichoke alla giudia.
  • “Walk along the Lungotevere for real Italian gelato, end your afternoon with an aperitif, sipping a glass of prosecco by the amazing fountains in Piazza Navona.”

“If you want to get out of Rome for a day trip, you can visit the Castelli Romani and taste the original porchetta with a glass of local white wine,” Devito added.

Connect with people, place and passion

If it’s not already apparent, Romans are passionate, warm and inviting people. It’s part of what makes the city so accessible and remarkable. When friends who haven’t traveled abroad ask me where they should take their first trip, my answer is always Rome.

“You can breathe in the magnificence of our roots, while relaxing with the best food ever, the best wine, the best sunny weather,” Valt said. “The Romans are happy and sunny people who know how to enjoy life, to taste it, to eat it, they make each day the most beautiful of all times. And they involve you in this energy, this enthusiasm and this joy. After all, Rome is also the city of love.

Parco degli Acquedotti is a calm and serene place to escape the hustle and bustle of Rome, immerse yourself in history and reflect on your trip.
Parco degli Acquedotti is a calm and serene place to escape the hustle and bustle of Rome, immerse yourself in history and reflect on your trip.

One of the last places I visited in Rome was a little out of the way: the Parco degli Acquedotti (Park of the Aqueducts). Wandering among the ruins of this engineering marvel of its time was the perfect place to reflect on the trip. Contemplating these man-made rivers – the cornerstone of a city that has inspired some of the greatest arts, cultures, societies and people in history, made me feel more connected to a place, its people and their passion .

I may not be Italian in my genes, but I like to think I left the Eternal City with a Roman spirit. No doubt I will return to drink the city again.

Getting to Rome with Delta

Travelers looking to explore the many wonders of Rome can fly direct this fall from three Delta US hubs: Atlanta, Boston and New York-JFK.

Customers departing from Boston, Atlanta and New York-JFK can all enjoy daily flights to Rome throughout October. In November, travelers can fly to this beautiful city on daily flights from New York-JFK and Atlanta.

All flights to Rome offer a choice of four experiences: Delta One, Delta Premium Select, Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin. Delta Premium Select travelers will be entitled to recently unveiled improvements including a spacious seat with more recline and an adjustable footrest and legrest. Additional service points include upgraded meal options, a Grown Alchemist scented napkin, special “bubbles and bites” service, and a premium snack basket.

Many Delta flights to Rome have Italian-speaking crews who are familiar with Italy as they travel there frequently. Flights may also include Italian entertainment on seat screens.

Guests ready to plan their perfect getaway can book with Delta Vacations to choose from a exciting range of special holiday packages designed exclusively for a unique experience.

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