Explore the staves of background music with ‘Milan’

Alister Fawnwoda, Suzanne Ciani and Sonny DiPerri bring a nice touch to avant-garde ambient music with their contemplative album Milanese.

Alister Fawnwoda, a Detroit-based producer and multi-instrumentalist, has already gained ground in the dance music scene in recent years through some prominent collaborations. Now he has taken his electronic music production discography one step further with the release of his new album, Milan, who sees him teaming up with the pioneer of the synthesizer Suzanne Ciani and much appreciated producer Sonny DiPerri.

This group of award-winning producers have come together to create a transformational music collection that serves as a portal to a simpler, more thoughtful era – and the result is something sublime. Milan, which is now available on AKP records, sees the trio bind to classical instruments with synthesized sound elements while superimposing on the ambient and atmospheric noise drawn from natural sounds.

If a sentence can sum up Milan it’s attention to detail. The nuance and complexity that Fanwoda, Ciani and DiPerri bring to each track, added to the thinking found in building the album as a whole, makes the difference for this concept album. From the first moments of the opening track, “Night rabbit”, There is a feeling of dark and poignant reflection that sets in. The cinematic atmosphere provided by the song’s cohesive elements takes you to a whole different headspace.

This quick portal into their meditative world powerfully sets the intention for the rest of the album. With each cinematic crescendo, you are even more surrounded by the seemingly natural environment that they have materialized around you. It gives you the impression that you are moving both in time and space, but also at a standstill – like the proverbial eye of the storm.

As listeners roam the tracks on Milan, they will feel the swelling of a distinct bitterness in their chest. For example, “Dear, “Deferred,” and “Leopard Complex”All evoke a romantic, sad and sentimental feeling, all in a beautifully brought together emotional whole. It especially reminds me of the feeling of doomed lovers – and anyone who has been in a situation where, without certain realities in life, love may have been consummated, they know this beautiful but heartbreaking feeling well. To put it more simply – this is an album that will resonate with your sensitive strings.

to listen Milan on Spotify below, stream / buy the album on your favorite platform and let us know what you like most about these tracks in the comments. Audiophiles can even enjoy the album in an even more experimental way by purchasing the limited edition vinyl version.

Flux Alister Fawnwoda, Suzanne Ciani and Greg LeiszMilan on Spotify:

Alister Fawnwoda, Suzanne Ciani and Greg Leisz – Milan – List of tracks:

  1. Night rabbit
  2. Dear
  3. Deferred
  4. Leopard Complex
  5. Ritual of the Snow

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