Emirates Business Rewards program celebrates small and medium businesses with limited time incentive

To mark United Nations Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day and the vital role they play in post-pandemic recovery, Emirates is empowering small and medium businesses to return to the skies and transform their travel budgets in rewards by launching a Business Rewards incentive for new members who Register now for the program. Small and medium-sized businesses that open an account for the Emirates Business Rewards corporate loyalty program from today, June 27 – July 27, 2021, will receive a bonus of 10,000 Business Reward points, the equivalent a return ticket in economy class to selected destinations in Europe.

Emirates currently has over 20,000 small and medium-sized businesses enrolled in its Business Rewards program and offers a range of benefits, including simplified enrollment, easier earning and redemption, greater flexibility on retention and use of business rewards. points as well as upgrade opportunities, even at the last minute. reservations.

As countries relax their entry restrictions, business travel has started to accelerate and small and medium-sized businesses have become key demand drivers with the ability to plan their trips quickly when new opportunities arise. .

Emirates supports small and medium-sized businesses affected by the pandemic. Emirates Business Rewards program members enjoy airline benefits flexible booking policies, which are among the most generous in the industry for stress-free travel planning, in addition to its multi-risk insurance cover. Since the start of the pandemic, Business Rewards program members have received additional insurance with extensions to the validity of their points should travel plans need to be adjusted.

Knowing that their travel plans are protected, the main destinations that Business Rewards program members have frequented during the pandemic are London, Manila, Paris, Cairo, Milan and Beirut. Dubai also continues to be a key destination regularly visited by Business Rewards members, primarily due to its open business environment throughout the pandemic, world-class infrastructure and thriving start-up ecosystem.

The airline continues to work hard to restore its network and schedules to enable small and medium-sized businesses to visit customers and step up business development activities as cities around the world gradually ease travel restrictions.

Companies of all sizes can also insure their health and safety expectations are supported throughout their trip. Emirates is at the forefront of the industry with clear, consistent and properly implemented security measures at every point of contact, including a travel contactless travel and digital verification solutions such as IATA Travel Pass to ensure it remains the preferred airline for business travelers.

Emirates has a long history of supporting small and medium-sized businesses, not only through its Business Rewards program, but also through the purchase of products and services across the enterprise. Hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses in various industries around the world have benefited from showcasing their products to a global traveling audience, which has given a boost to their growth plans.

In the United Arab Emirates, Emirates prioritizes SMEs as part of its tendering process and is actively engaged in working with government stakeholders such as Dubai SME to identify companies and regularly assess supplier performance. active. As a result, according to the 2020 Dubai SME Report, which summarizes support for SMEs, Emirates has ranked first among semi-government organizations, investing in government contracts worth over $ 79 million. ‘AED. It also ranked among the top five organizations supporting small and medium-sized businesses in Dubai.

* Customers only need to pay the supplement and airport taxes and bonus points for registration will only be valid for new accounts created between June 27 and July 27, 2021.

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