Discover Tuscany like never before: hot air balloons take tourists to new heights

As the Italian tourism industry gradually recovers its way after COVID-19, an entrepreneur offers visitors a different way to see the country.

Antonio Martini, entrepreneur and boss of the company AM Turistic, offers another experience to those who want to leave: air tourism.

He and his team organize trips that allow tourists to appreciate the land from a different perspective.

The company offers short hot air balloon flights around the beautiful Maremma coast in southern Tuscany.

For the balloon rides, AM Turistic has collaborated with the Florentine company, Firenze Mongolfiere, and now offers flights of over an hour over the Tuscan countryside.

The response so far has been enthusiastic.

“It’s really beautiful, we are flying over this area, we are very high up and there is an incredible silence so it is very exciting and thrilling,” said Linda Bargelli, on her first flight.

After climbing to nearly 3,000 feet, returning passengers are greeted by staff with a bottle of Prosecco and various cups of local prosciutto, a traditional toast for every successful trip.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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