Conor McGregor allegedly punched Italian DJ and broke his nose

Conor McGregor hasn’t said exactly when he’ll return from his leg injury to fight in the UFC again, but the former champion is said to have had an argument outside of the Octagon again.

Francesco Facchinetti, an Italian DJ and TV personality, said in an Instagram video that he was attacked by McGregor at a party around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. McGregor and his family are in Rome for the christening of McGregor’s son, which took place at the Vatican on Saturday.

As several Italian news outlets have reported, Facchinetti said in a long story on Instagram that he and McGregor got along long before the MMA fighter apparently attacked him out of nowhere.

“At 2:30 am that night, I was attacked by Mr. McGregor, this very famous McGregor, who hit me in the mouth, broke my nose in front of 10 witnesses, his friends and his bodyguards,” said said Facchinetti, via Google transcription and translation. “He attacked me without motivation as we talked for over two hours and we also had fun together. I could have shut up and said nothing to anyone, but since it went well and I’m here to say it, I have to say that this person is really violent and dangerous.

Facchinetti showed what he said were some of the injuries McGregor inflicted on him:

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