Boston’s “Skinny House” just sold for over $ 1.2 million

(CNN) – It’s small, but powerful.

Boston’s “Skinny House” – an iconic structure and must-see tourist attraction known as the city’s narrowest house – Just sold for over $ 1.2 million.
“People are amazed that it was designed to be, really, this skinny,” said Travis Sachs, executive vice president of CL properties, who worked with the president of the real estate agency, Carmela Laurella, to sell the house.

“Maybe it’s six feet and change,” Sachs added. “So if you stand with your hands apart, you could really be wall to wall.”

The “Skinny House,” in the middle, is seen here on August 13, 2021.

Elise Amendola / AP

The house, about 1,165 square feet on four levels, was built in 1862 according to some documents, while the city record says 1890, Sachs said. Offering views of both the water and the city, it’s nestled in Boston’s North End, a largely Italian area home to some of Boston’s most historic buildings and dozens of restaurants.

Tourists pass through the house daily as part of Boston Freedom Trail – a 2.5 mile trail that stops at over a dozen historic sites, including Copp’s Hill Cemetery, right in front of the “Skinny House”. The to place, dating from 1659, was the last rest for people including activists, artisans, traders as well as two Puritan ministers associated with the Salem witch trials.

“When I was just there to photograph the house with my photographer, I had to pass around 75 tourists and photograph the house as part of their walking tour,” Sachs said.

CL properties

And the house has its own rich history, marked today by a plaque on the front labeling the building as “Spite House”.

Here’s why: Legend has it that in the early 1800s the lots of land where the house sits were owned by a family. One of the brothers who owned a part went to war and returned to find that his brother had built a house. So the brother who had just returned decided to build the “Skinny House” right in front of his brother’s house – blocking the entrance to the building at the back, the view and the light.

“It’s as mean as it gets,” Sachs said.

CL properties

According to Facebook Publish by the real estate agency.

“Which is wild, especially since this is the Covid era and people generally want houses that are bigger than they are small,” Sachs said, adding that after several different offers he sold out. September 16 to a family of four for $ 50,000 more than asking price.

The house was last sold in 2017 for $ 900,000, Sachs said.

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